Poster Easily distracted by cats and wine


Coby Miller: USA Olympian America deserves this breath of fresh air. Wishing Mr. President and Madam Vice President nothing but success in unifying our wounded country. 22K . Thadeus NdundaPresident Obama the world loves you much, always wonder if these negative things The Economist writes are true. I mean about US economy120 . Lynne GoldackerIt was so wonderful to see you with President Clinton and President Bush last night. You guys riffed and it was awesome! Thanks for all of your support! #BidenHarris60 . Abhinav AshokToday’s steps by Mr Biden will breathe a new air in the political atmosphere of the World too. USA is now home to many nationalities n races and as such the approach by the new President to tak everybody along instills a Hope. Good lick to him and Than… See More36 . Tirthajyoti SarkarThere is no Planet ‘B’. The Earth is our only home and its state of affairs cannot be neglected anymore.128  Poster Easily distracted by cats and wine

Poster Easily distracted by cats and wine

Poster Easily distracted by cats and wine

Amos OnyonkaIncredibly perfect, Biden is an intelligent being, am pretty convinced that America is going to heal again49 . Christine SwanI feel relieved and can breathe again, I’ve been holding my breath for 4 years. Thank you42 . Elias Duarte-LopezBarack I wish you could read this so I can thank you for being such a great leader and for being such great inspiration/motivation. I miss you as President! 48 . Jason GriceIt’s nice to have peace and order restored to the world thank you for voting correctly my neighbors to the south!47 . Nina PeakeThank God For president Biden and is team who will restore America.. Trump left them a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned up. President Biden really loves the people, he is a man of dignity, and that’s why God gave him the job.77 . Elikem KotokoYou begun the process to let history surround him and he won’t fail. His president was black (first in history), and his Veep has black, Asian, Caucasian background (also first in history), with the icing on that came being her being the first female V… See More3.3K  Poster Easily distracted by cats and wine

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Poster Easily distracted by cats and winePoster Easily distracted by cats and wine

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