Once a plumber always a plumber poster


He was my hero growing up. I was the only little white girl in the neighborhood with a Jackie Robinson doll. I loved ‘dem bums.. You and he were both firsts! Once a plumber always a plumber poster And you both are and were the ultimate in graciousness, intelligence, and class!. We love hearing from you! Thank you for your kind words and wisdom. It’s nice to have President Biden in office! Always loved the two of you!. Besides stunning athleticism and courage, he was also a true gentleman in every sense of the word.. A truly great and inspirational American! I was blessed to hear his widow speak at the Hank Aaron charitable event in Milwaukee! Mr. Robinson knew he wasn’t doing it only for himself, but for the generations that would benefit from his selflessness and… See More. I can’t imagine how stressful and painful that had to be for his family and him. He had to walk the finest line and be so many different things to so many groups. Just an amazing talent and spirit.

Once a plumber always a plumber poster

Once a plumber always a plumber poster

I’m an Australian living in Canada, and I have to say that the ‘lights went out’ after your second term, and ‘that’ election. I am truly and deeply gladdened to know that the America and Americans the world loves and respects are ‘back’ at the controls… See More. Seems to be a pattern of the repubs..veto anything good!. I had the honor of meeting Lilly at a speaking engagement she attended and what an amazing woman she is.. You should have gotten rid of the right to work laws too while you were at it. US is miles away in workers right laws compared to EU original members, Canada and Australia.. “A Small Step Forward” always precedes giant strides of success.. Sex discrimination is still real. Whether you’re a cashier, waitress, doctor or CEO– work is harder when you’re a woman. It doesn’t have to be this way. Thank you President Obama for for doing what is right for women and all Americans. Once a plumber always a plumber poster

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Once a plumber always a plumber posterOnce a plumber always a plumber poster

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