NASA found water on moon poster


Yes, we remember and stand together against hate and cruelty.. Mourning for my parents who survived being in such horror!. Thank You. And With utmost respect for all the survivors and Victims of WW – II, and who still today, have the strength to teach us how important it is to remember these very dark days in history. Forgiveness, love and respect for one another, is the … See More. For now how can we prevent Trump with his hypnotic power over these people from holding public office again?. Yes it really is. Just yesterday my 15 year old son came home from school telling me about the terrible slurs that he had been called by his teammates.. Must never allow anything as this to ever happen again throughout all time.. I served with the USArmy at Dachau for three years.. Republican Senators: If you cannot stand up for this country and/or you are too afraid for the well-being of your family and your own life then just RESIGN. NASA found water on moon poster

NASA found water on moon poster

NASA found water on moon poster

I agree. I hope this humanitarian effort is successful, and I hope Pres. Biden keeps us informed.. It was cruel of Trump to put these innocent people in detention facilities where the conditions were deplorable according to those who went there. The people were underfed and sometimes went for days without water. A lot of them complained of dehydrati… See More. This is one of the major reasons trump should have Never been president.In that position,he wasn’t a president.. And bring humanity back into the heart of America.. Please do……reunite them right outside the gate back over on the Mexico side or the border ……. And compensate all the children who suffered abuse.. Open borders only encourages the abuse of poor innocent children. Protect the children build a wall. I only hope and pray that Biden can do all in his power to reunite and free theses young people to live their lives as we all have the freedom to do. NASA found water on moon poster

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NASA found water on moon posterNASA found water on moon poster

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