Motorcycle monument valley poster


The most corrupt president ever just in front of Biden. Why are there limits on prosecution?. What an inspirational story. America is Great. Brighter Inclusion Develops Excellent Nations = BIDEN.. This is really not the important part of this but I’m just curious, why did he use a different pen for each letter while signing? I’ve never heard of someone doing that.. Did you get that?? Obama wrote that if this bill had been passed when Bush was in office, Bush said he would VETO it…Bush is a Republican …No more Bushes !!. This is what a real president sounds like. D*nald Tr*mp doesn’t have 1/100th of the dignity and the class that Barack Obama has.. So glad you are staying in the public eye, Mr. President!. A legend, absolutely one of the greatest leaders. My mother became aware of this discrimination when she went to work in a bank in the early 1950s. Even after she became head bookkeeper, the new male hires, 20 years her junior, and with less education, were hired at salaries above hers. The bank pre… See More Motorcycle monument valley poster

Motorcycle monument valley poster

Motorcycle monument valley poster

Thank you Barrack Obama for your service to this nation for eight years and thank you for training Joe BIden so well. Thank you for Obamacare and thank you for not giving up on it. I know the fight was hard but we appreciate you for staying loyal us. Y… See More. It’s been illegal to pay women less for the same job for a long time. If you are a woman and are getting less for the same job, go to court and you will win. End of story.. Utopia is if both parties worked for the good of the people and the country. Thank you for all that you did for the nation. Bringing us out of near recession . Men who aren’t afraid to be out earned by the women in their lives are real men. Thank you.. I was just teaching my RBG Class about Lily Ledbetter this week. When the Supreme Court rejected Lily Ledbetter’s claim, it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg who, in a dissent she read from the bench, put the ball back in Congress’s court, as she put, to fix the… See More Motorcycle monument valley poster

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Motorcycle monument valley posterMotorcycle monument valley poster

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