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Depends if he manages to clear the 1st defender, something which he usually doesn’t manage!!!. Dumi Pratik Rai. Maguire to miss the target by a mile… None of the current lot. We never score from corners! Vida all the way. Stu Yelland. Taking the armband too seriously . Despite Bruno’s abilities at passing, corner seems to be his weakness most of the time. Always gets cleared out.. Yes! Europa league will get on end of it…. Craig Hopkins. As if any of our lot have the urge to ever get in the box.. Considering we haven’t scored from a corner in over 60 attempts – absolutely no one. The first defender because it never clears the first man. Harry Maguire to drive it 20 yards over the bar as usual. What I know is that Henderson will be man utd goalkeeper for the last 32,16 and 8 of the Europa League… Then when they head to last semis ole will do what he does best by playing de Gea and that’s not fair Lesbian to my wife personalized poster

Lesbian to my wife personalized poster

Lesbian to my wife personalized poster

Jason Reed Lesbian to my wife personalized poster Nobody. United dont score from corners. May aswell just give it as a goal kick ffs. Practice set plays as much as they practice intensity and pressing. Zero amount! So Bruno just leave the ball and get back into position . If Anthony Martial could head in his own goal (own goal against PSG). Mark Foster. Cohner Chaffey. The most likely man to get on the end of a bruno fernades corner currently is bruno fernandes. The board needs to realize the opportunity we have with bruno as the heart of the offence, build around him, minus the players that dont play at his speed and add the players that do.. Jack Drake. Bolaji Muhammad Jamiu Of course Bruno himself,. Maguire but a foul will be given against him because he is always using hands, pulling/pushing/grabbing opponents . Atalidza Atalitsa. Ya could give united players a step ladder or a free run at the net an they’d still not score… brutal statistics from corners…

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Lesbian to my wife personalized posterLesbian to my wife personalized poster

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