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You are on the right track. Keep fighting, we are with you all over the world. Mike Pence is not your puppet, he is simply following the Constitution!. These four years …were the first four years in 50 years, that the US has not been in a war!. IF you have any tricks left up your sleeve POTUS, now would be a great time to play them. It’s getting awfully late to hold your cards if you have an Ace in the hole.. Don’t think its over. Pence left it open to weigh it over. Trust God. It may be that its not God’s will for Trump to remain President, but it could be! God is Sovereign. I can only ask for God to change this, but He makes the decisions. I praise Him n… See More. Looks like China made Pence an “offer” he couldn’t refuse. I didn’t mean that literally Honey bee knowledge poster

Honey bee knowledge poster

Honey bee knowledge poster

You don’t take losing well, do you? It’s a little surprising since I’d have thought you’d be used to losing by now.. Thank you President Trump for loving America!!! Stay the course sir & keep fighting for the American people! It’s about keeping votes legal and following rules, laws & the constitution of the United States Honey bee knowledge poster Pause GIF. Today will be an embarrassing day for you. Part of a long string of embarrassing days since you repeatedly lost the same election.. What did we expect…no changes were made in the Georgia Senate runoff than we just had on November 3rd. Same absurd amount of mail in votes and Dominion software. No matter what side you are on…truth is deep down everyone with a brain has to be wond… See More. So sick of this. Same machines, same mail in votes, same fraud.. Rigging elections is the only way they stand a chance.

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Honey bee knowledge posterHoney bee knowledge poster

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