God says you are running woman poster


Coby Miller: USA Olympian America deserves this breath of fresh air. Wishing Mr. President and Madam Vice President nothing but success in unifying our wounded country. 22K . Thadeus NdundaPresident Obama the world loves you much, always wonder if these negative things The Economist writes are true. I mean about US economy120 . Lynne GoldackerIt was so wonderful to see you with President Clinton and President Bush last night. You guys riffed and it was awesome! Thanks for all of your support! #BidenHarris61 . Abhinav AshokToday’s steps by Mr Biden will breathe a new air in the political atmosphere of the World too. USA is now home to many nationalities n races and as such the approach by the new President to tak everybody along instills a Hope. Good lick to him and Than… See More36 . Ding C. VelascoReestablish environmental alliances from the Paris Accord and gun for a million jobs from Green Tech in the next two years!!Climate Change is real.38  God says you are running woman poster

God says you are running woman poster

God says you are running woman poster

Julie A. HansonI witnessed Hank’s record breaking home run at my Uncle’s house. We were all so happy and cheering him on. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out he had been receiving death threats for it. It broke my heart to think of the joy we all felt for… See More198 . Shirley SmithHere’s hoping he gets to continue hit them outta the park and round the bases at his final resting place. He truly was a LEGEND. May you RIP Hammerin’ Hank. I extend my condolences to all who are mourning his loss.34 . Rene MoonThankyou for honoring Hank Aaron a greatplayer for negro league and national baseball league. He is was a great gentlemen for soorts..133 . Kevin Brian StroupHe did it with class and without steroids…RIP “Hammerin’ Hank”225 . Jeff ParrettA true legend- saw him play when I was young- always cherished those opportunities.27  God says you are running woman poster

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