God says you are ballet poster


40% of our carbon emissions can be taken out of the air, by taking care of the ground beneath our feet!!!!. Plant trees and if you can’t plant then stop cutting trees..sad reality of today’s world…..humans are the worst enemies to the planet.. Our actions are the major problem…we can hurt or protect so it’s our choice to save the planet. Let’s do it! All together we can change what we did all these years of bad actions hurting everything around us…our children can live in a better world.… See More. I agree that nihilism is counterproductive.. Yes we all should do something about climate change. Sure has changed since I was born 1932. Mr. President, you doing a great job. You have inspired a lot of us across the globe. I as a burmese citizen would like you request you to address what is going on in burma currently by doing any sort of campaigns. As your one of the best leader whose… See More God says you are ballet poster

God says you are ballet poster

God says you are ballet poster

Barack Obama! The gift that keeps on giving.. GREAT! Patriotism is all for the people and the nation that safeguards them. It entails giving towards developing all to the greater nationhood. You are by age a young man, but you live as though you had a knowledge of charity prior to your birth. May … See More. Its unfortunate that you are building in Jackson Park rather than Washington Park or South Iron Works. Its a move that is largely disruptive to a number of public schools with the proposed closure of Cornell diverting all traffic to Stony Island. Love… See More. Hope the president reads through this… While in office why did you forget about african dictators.. you are an inspiration.. yes to many. God bless as I wish to advice your friend (Pres Joe) to scan through Africa… There is already an outhouse in that area. Fantastic. Thank you for letting me share in your good news!! You are both an inspiration to so many. God says you are ballet poster

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God says you are ballet posterGod says you are ballet poster

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