God jesus Give me your hand poster


A beautiful tribute. I wonder if the lights could be made a permanent fixture.. Beautiful tribute. I know one who one of the candles represents and honors.. Thank you. My dad Arnold died of covid. I appreciated the tribute. We hope the lights become a permanent memorial as they reflect the souls lost to Covid. Thinking of my friend, Julie, and Grandpa Chuck. May they now rest in peace.. This was an incredibly touching and healing ceremony. I broke out in tears. Thank you so much for this very important effort. Beautifully Done! Thank you! So grateful to have Compassion and Empathy back in the White House! God Bless you all! Looking very much forward to having you as our New First Lady Dr. Biden.. Thank you for bringing back decency, kindness, compassion and hope . Moving and meaningful . It was a very touching ceremony. Thank you for remembering those who have passed or are still suffering from this pandemic. God jesus Give me your hand poster

God jesus Give me your hand posterGod jesus Give me your hand poster

I’m so excited about tomorrow!!! A new era is beginning . Thank you for sharing this, Dr Biden! Wonderful ceremony, gave us all inspiration and allowed us a moment to cry and mourn. And tomorrow we wiil be so thrilled and proud to see Joe and Kamala sworn in! Enjoy the day, there will be such love and hope t… See more. Thank you for remembering the lives that have been loss. The sacrifices of others. It was so nice to have a president stand up and not talk about himself but actually show compassion for others. Hurry up and get in the White House with those adorable d… See more. So happy you guys are going to be representing the America I served. Breath of fresh air. I didn’t anticipate the amount of healing this would bring to my grief after losing my grandfather to Covid-19. I wept in the memory of him and the over 400,000 loved ones lost along with him. They were all loved by someone. Thank you so much for such … See more God jesus Give me your hand poster

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