God and Lion canvas prints


Thazin HtunI’m really sorry for posting here.In myanmar(Burma), the military has detained our leader, our elected leader on 1st February,2021. As citizens, we can’t accept this unfairness.This is a breach of democracy in the nation. Please stand with the people … See More22 . Ketharine DeediPlease help us to take actions on those military misgoverned us.Please help us.We Burmese people voted with our own desire at the election and they againsed all our wills by threating our leaders with guns.136 . Mai Aung San NaingSave myanmarSave our leaderWe need your help100 . Namutunzi WinnieUganda needs to be cleaned from the books of those countries having INDEPENDENCE. Upto now the dictator refused to give back our victory. Our people are abducted and taken in torture chambers. Mr balack please come to our rescue Uganda is bleeding we v… See More7 . Treena ReidWatched that Segment. Thanks. Loving your book. Bought the audio version!10 . Ohnmar Tin PhyoMyanmar army has successfully coup the Nation and announced to be in power for a year. We have to live with fear and dun know when they will cut off all the communication system again like they did this morning … See More13  God and Lion canvas prints

God and Lion canvas prints

God and Lion canvas prints

George Wambua MwoveAt the dawn of the 21st Century, where knowledge is literary power, where it unlocks the gates of opportunity and success, we all have responsibilities as parents, as educators, as politicians and as citizens to instill in our beloved children a love… See More13 . Hsu Wai MonLET’S PRAY FOR MYANMARHELP MYANMARWANT DEMOCRACY… See More57 . Carol BlackBook Stores are rare anymore. I remember when the two biggies came and wiped most small stores out of the picture. Borders is gone and now soon to follow Barnes & Noble. Most books now bought on line. However in the design of Powell’s Book Store and st… See More27 . Thin YanantWe , Myanmar citizens need the world to know what’s happening in Myanmar right now before our wifis are cut off. They already cut off TVs broadcasting lines, phone services in order to prevent us reaching to the world.Again in 2021! History is abou… See More130  God and Lion canvas prints

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God and Lion canvas printsGod and Lion canvas prints

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