Give me your hand Jesus poster


Arvind ParmarIt’s great to hear hopeful and positive messages that contain no vitriol, name calling, or bitterness whatsoever. No randomly capitalized words, no glaring need for acceptance, and no self absorbed narcissism it’s great to be spoken to by an adult Th… See More24 . Fernando GuisbertA life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. – Jackie Robinson – GOAT 14 . Bebe EarthsongWe should NEVER forget what he went through; what Hank Aron went through; Ella Fitzgerald, Muddy Waters, and COUNTLESS others.. because of small minded bigotry allowed to fester and come out into the light… the way the 45th president has enabled thes… See More48 . Keith AlbertHe’s made it possible for so many of us to succeed at what ever we wanted to do and I’m so proud to share my Birthday with him Happy Birthday to the both of us May his wonderful soul continue to rest in perfect peace Ameen.5  Give me your hand Jesus poster

Give me your hand Jesus poster

Give me your hand Jesus poster

Sue Maynor MooreWonderful children’s book I used to read to my 4th graders every year was called Teammates! It was a beautiful story about Robinson’s hardships breaking into the all white NBL and his eventual friendship with Peewee Reese who stood up for him. Beautifu… See More9 . Fern Fichaud Jr.My dad told me stories of Jackie Robinson when he saw him play for the Royaux of Montreal at Delorimier Stadium he was a hero in my home town!!!10 . Arthur Elliott”Jackie Robinson” Is my Mother (Cynthia Elliott’s) first cousin! My Mom would’ve turned 97 yrs old by now & Jack would have turned 101! Although they have both passed away this time they will never be forgotten for goodness sake! Amen. Arthu… See More14 . Alec HolmosMy Granpa told me stories of Jackie Robnson, stories about all the hurdles he faced in the game and his attidude toward in life, a great Baseball player and an exceptional human being. Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson! thank you Mr. President.13  Give me your hand Jesus poster

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Give me your hand Jesus posterGive me your hand Jesus poster

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