Donkey why hello sweet cheeks poster


So glad you are reminding us about the African American Artists in the White House.. I hope Biden has a ceremony to hang your portrait with all of the other Presidents portraits, It belongs there!!!! . Certainly what a person of superior intellect would be expected to do. Thank goodness we once again have a decent president. Thank you for your continued involvement in this long running social experience.. Dear President Barack Obama, My husband was recently hospitalized for 17 days with an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Reading your book out loud each of those days brought much-needed sustenance, comfort and joy to us in such a tough time. It does, still,… See More. Hello Mr. President, please see your portrait painting in my instagram, it took 6 weeks and it measures 5 ft high, I hope you like it!(it got 25,000 likes in a couple weeks). Ooh, past President Obama, how I miss your presence in the White House and overseeing our blessed country! Donkey why hello sweet cheeks poster

Donkey why hello sweet cheeks poster

Donkey why hello sweet cheeks poster

Your daughters are growing up into such very lovely young Ladies! Just gorgeous! . Happy Valentine’s Day. Little Sasha is fierce!. Three girls? You must be so spoiled…happy Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to a beloved first family. Always on our hearts.. Beautiful family. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite forever President and First Lady and First kids ! I love you and I’m eternally grateful for having you with me at this moment in history . Bless you and may you always know how much of a difference you’ve made in my… See More. The best of America right there.. We wish you the best, But Uganda is bleeding, Museveni’s dictatorship regime is ending our lives.. A special Thanks to the Obama family for the peace they gave me during the 8 years they served the country. I love you guys to the moon and back.. Always a living the example of how to be a loving husband and father. Donkey why hello sweet cheeks poster

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Donkey why hello sweet cheeks posterDonkey why hello sweet cheeks poster

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