Bernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socks


Tony LWIt didn’t feel muted to me at all — today was buoyant and jubilant, from beginning to end! It was, indeed, a lovely day. 62 . Mindy P LevyToday was a day of light after 4 years of darkness. We can all breathe once again!99 . Louise LunaThe Inauguration ceremonies were so beautiful. It left my heart smiling. 254 . Smita KasargodLoved every minute of it! I cherish our democracy, and today’s events have given me hope that we’re going to be okay!1.3K . JA H IDI was able to take a deep, peaceful breath today! The first one in 4 years. Congratulations to President Biden and V.P Harris! I’m so proud to be an American today!1K . Cheryl Wilson HeinlenAs usual, President Obama, your words always make me feel hope and love for my fellow Americans. Thank you and together we WILL write an American story of hope, not fear.823 . Joanne ChristoffersonSo happy to have a President again we can trust. I am glad he had you as a Mentor. It was so nice to see you 3 former Presidents there to show support for President Biden. The past 4 years were long and discusting. It’s a relief they are over. Love you… See More147  Bernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socks

Bernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socks

Bernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socks

Terri Mensingwe’re baaaaaaack! So great to have a mature adult back in the WH!25 . Malcolm H. Tatum CrumplerThanks for 8 wonderful years! You and President Biden made one hell of a great team! Now: Bidens back in the driver’s seat: and America can relax and trust in his judgement!143 . Lameen Blair MbayeSuch a relief to have an adult in charge again. Good luck Joe and Kamala!84 . Anna KemenyYesterday was the best day in 4 years! Congratulations to the new administration, to the USA, to the world. Decency, kindness, common sense prevailed. What an absolute relief and joy! 145 . AbdulRahim AlhasaniI am not yet an American on paper but with this new administration I can proudly say that I am now looking forward to the day I will become one! For science, reason, equity and unity. Good luck President Biden and Vice President Harris.79 . Steph BouderI’m so happy I can hardly stand it!!! Several times today I’ve been overcome with hope to the point of joyful tears!62  Bernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socks

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Bernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socksBernie Sanders inauguration meme mood socks

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