Bass guitar black chart poster


I am assuming you, Mr President, knew they would flip votes again (saw it in real time updates) and fraud the system and you had your resources on it to trap all the traitors. Please tell me and everyone, you did!!!. I was mad when I went to vote and they had the same bad China machine!. The saddest thing in the world is that Donald J Trump doesn’t have anybody in his corner, no one watching the person that’s actually doing the most help and good for this country we’re in dire dire trouble. I’m afraid Americans don’t have the guts to fight Bass guitar black chart poster They will raise hell on social media for four hours. I am so glad that you are pissed and that your supporters are pissed. It’s a great moment.. Unbelievable what they have bestowed upon this country through deception and technology. We need your rightful victory and you’re leadership now more then ever. This country will not be played by liberals. Us patriots will make sure of that. God bless … See More

Bass guitar black chart poster

Bass guitar black chart poster

4 more years!. Let’s go Mike.. pulling for you to do the right thing…. even though we know POTUS doesn’t necessarily need you to do so. He is giving you the opportunity to do the right thing!. I don’t trust Pence at all. He’s so close to Bush’s family and other swamp but will see.. Pence is doing nothing for you, he already told you that on Tuesday.. Are you still going? The election is over big boy, Stand down and let Biden to his job!. You lost the election. Fair and proven. You have been fired by America. Go away to your refuge and let us move forward without your dark presence. You have created so much hatred in this country. I look forward to healing when you are finally gone… See More. At this point confidence has already been undermined. The way to fix it is to agree to investigate those ballots with a forensic audit. If Biden ever wants to be considered legitimate, he will insist that it is done. Bass guitar black chart poster No forensic audit.

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Bass guitar black chart posterBass guitar black chart poster

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