Ballet god says you are poster


Trio, worst derby in my lifetime. Mathy Edwin Ballet god says you are poster Everyone thinks ole is not good enough. But I wonder how this man feels when he sees this lads plays compared to when he was playing for us.. Eko Rujito Maguire was decent, AWB made few blocks and brillian run, but Rashford? Oh I see because he’s united academy and englishman. What about Fred? Pogba did a decent job too!!. Later fans will be d one saying players are not playing with passion , how will dey do dat……. Maguire, Fred, AWB, and pogba play well in dat derby…… But fans are voting base on favoritism …. Let’s praise who deserve it… Bruno is go… See More. How the mighty have fallen ,you mean it is draw that we are really celebrating. From the look of things ,this was the weekend we would have taken advantage in the epl table but drawing was the target from the onset.

Ballet god says you are poster

Ballet god says you are poster

United should look for the best price for him, that the only way he can be of any help to the team. De Gea needs to be replaced sooner rather than later, but OGS is way too loyal to see that. Let’s just be honest he’s been an outstanding goalkeeper but he’s past those days. God United will clutch at any straws, look look, David has kept three clean sheets in our last four games in the premier league, we’re moving in the right direction, Ole’s at the wheel, we can still win this, ppfftt. Dean Woolley. De Gea he’s the best goalkeeper in history…even he deserved .more awards. Graham Beale. And how many goals have they scored in the process ?? We have a very very good team hopefully we can get the best out of this players. Baldur Þórólfsson. And with that we are eight on the table and out of the UCL. Way to go! Ballet god says you are poster

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Ballet god says you are posterBallet god says you are poster

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