As brave as Ragnar poster


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As brave as Ragnar poster

As brave as Ragnar poster

Woody Allen was cleared of any wrongdoing by two judges. End of story. No person becomes a pedophile suddenly at 57, it just doesn’t make sense, but of course, ppl tend to believe whatever the media sells or is popular. Facts don’t matter anymore. Yet,… See more. HbO…..neither mr allen or moses are part of this documentary which in itself is disturbing as the integrity of the piece comes into question. Additionally if im not mistaken mr. allen was found innocent which leads me to ask why has he had to endure… See more. Listen the fact he married his daughter tells me all I need to know about his lack of moral compass.. Mia Farrow’s adopted son speaks out against her and remembers her abusive ways. As brave as Ragnar poster MOSESFARROW.BLOGSPOT.COM A SON SPEAKS OUT By Moses Farrow A SON SPEAKS OUT By Moses Farrow. Shame on HBO and the film makers for dredging up these accusations against Woody Allen. I’ve always doubted his guilt and suspected Ms. Farrow acted as a woman wronged and used her child as retaliation against Mr. Allen. This is old news and has no e… See more

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As brave as Ragnar posterAs brave as Ragnar poster

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