And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster


Don’t cry because her life is over. Smile because she shared it with us.. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. She was truly a legend and an inspiration to so many. The world lost an icon today, but we thankfully have a body of work on and off the screen that will continue to inspire through the ages. Rest in Power Queen.… See More. Thank you, Mr. President. Ms. Tyson and my paternal grandmother were first cousins. On behalf of our family, I thank you for this beautiful tribute to her.. “Man proposes but God disposes!” And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster Wondrous are the ways of God!… See More. What a beautiful journey she had – her book release was her release! Tremendous human being. . Not only a wonderful actress but a great humanitarian she will be missed Condolences to her family and friends. Miss Cicely Tyson is an example of a true Medal of Freedom honoree. Thank you for your wonderful works and example, Miss Tyson. Rest in Power.

And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster

And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster

President Biden will make America great again from where you left Mr president.. Congratulations President Obama on the record breaking sales of your new book. I’ve always admired how you maintained your composure when you and your family were verbally attacked. You never once lashed out.. Thank you Barrack Obama for your service to this nation for eight years and thank you for training Joe BIden so well. Thank you for Obamacare and thank you for not giving up on it. I know the fight was hard but we appreciate you for staying loyal us. Y… See More. It’s been illegal to pay women less for the same job for a long time. If you are a woman and are getting less for the same job, go to court and you will win. End of story.. Utopia is if both parties worked for the good of the people and the country. Thank you for all that you did for the nation. Bringing us out of near recession And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster

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And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl posterAnd Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster

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