Amanda Gorman The hill we climb poster


Civil peaceful protest against unlawful coup.. That was so fun! At 6:45 in the morning! Amanda Gorman The hill we climb poster Thank you Mahogany Books and President Obama and guests!. Save Myanmar . Thank you for sharing this. We need positive stories to cancel some of the negative things on the news. I saw this surprise on the Today Show this morning! Outstanding! I hope that Mahogany Bookstores spring up all around the country!!!. I love this! I’d love to see a partnership between Black Owned Independent Bookstores and those in less diverse areas. All independent bookstores are under tremendous pressure these days and I’d love to see them support one another while expanding thei… See More. Saw this segment on Today this morning. Very touching piece and I would say you made their day. I wish them continued success.. It was so wonderful to see and hear President Obama reaching out to successful black book store owners. I am sure they are so proud that you had the time to speak with them, I am. Always happy to see and hear you.

Amanda Gorman The hill we climb poster

Amanda Gorman The hill we climb poster

So cool! I loved the book & so appreciate your support of independent bookstores! . We need your help. Military has detained our elected democratic government, party leaders and political activists in Myanmar. National television channels and phone services are cut out nationwide. We have lost contact with our families.The military’ve… See More. I still can’t believe this happened. So happy to be in attendance. What a moment!! . I love this so much. I only shop from now on in my local black-owned bookstore. I want to be part of the change and taking action is my social responsibility to each other . I know my comments is not applicable with the group. But please read my message and share it for my country.. Mahogany is about to be inundated with orders!. Dear Mr.President, we do need your help! We all are really in trouble now! The military has cut off all communications from this morning on! Amanda Gorman The hill we climb poster

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Amanda Gorman The hill we climb posterAmanda Gorman The hill we climb poster

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