AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb poster


Elizabeth TyrrellWe have the vaccine and the inoculations began this past Monday. First to receive it were key workers in care homes and hospitals. Over 80s, considered vulnerable, were chosen randomly by the health service. Next lot are the over 70s. I took my 89 yr o… See more8 . Emily SklodoskyCan’t wait to take the vaccine!14 . Debbie Day PriceHow are people chosen for the vaccine. Doctor treating patient’s medical issue, health records reviewed for age / conditions, request to be added to list?2 . David AndersonIt appears that Joshua Wolfe doesn’t really exist, and his picture is a stock photo. Don’t let him get to you. 4 . Helen McCohnVaccinate Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi right away as they are our top incoming leaders. . John HafnerMilitary psychological operation 4 . Esther HeoPharmacists will be there~!! 2 . Bradley ClontsMail me the shot and I will mail paperwork back stating I took it ! Sorry not sorry I do trust the government and I know who is behind the vaccines. I may take one in the future after all the test people are done. Time will tell5  AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb poster

AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb poster

AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb poster

Marius GiurgiCDC = Center for Deception and Control 9 . Karen Allen BogerHalf of the people that refuse vaccines don’t mind smoking and drinking and eating fast food which is much more poisonous to your body than the shot12 . Kelly BentleyI respect anyone decision if they want the vaccine, I respect the decision if you want to mask up. I deserve the same in feeling differently. If I have a 3% chance of getting covid, that means so has everyone else. It has never ever been a secret that … See more1 . Elen KravetsDavid. Allen  . Lesa HadleyIt’s not funny I will not take that shot 25 . Francine FanniePause GIFTenor . Nancy Mizurtrump has said he won’t be getting the vaccine anytime soon. WHY? What does he know that we don’t know? This is a major red flag! Why would he not get the vaccine that he wants to put his name on????   AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb poster

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AMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb posterAMANDA GORMAN The hill we climb poster

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