Poster lineman you may see me struggle


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I would like you to know I partially named my son after your character for bringing me so much entertainment and joy over the years. Ethan James shares his name with James Bond as well, my other favorite character.. If you need a female extra, I’m available.. i’m looking forward to see your movie.. WOW! MI is my favorite franchise and Tom Cruise my favorite actor, but it will be torture to wait for the release date! I am already impatient for Top Gun sequel.. We get an MI movie two years in a row?! Tom, you’re going to be putting a ton of work and we appreciate it, man! Can’t wait to see where the story and the stunts go from here! These are my favorite movies! Fallout was INCREDIBLE. I’ve seen it 30 times.. Please don’t die doing these.. Mission Impossible Infinity War and Mission Impossible end game. Can’t wait

Lineman you may see me struggle poster

Lineman you may see me struggle poster A1

The best tom great actor !!!!! Fantastic. Christopher McQuarrie, looked it up.. Thank you, Tom and Chris! This was a nice surprise like an early Christmas present. . I bought the Blu-Ray today. . Mission Impossible: Fallout is one of my favorite movies of the year،، we are from Iraq ,and we very very big fan. Thanks for telling us the best way. I love your outfit. You look so handsome as always.. Oh my Gosh!!! Pete Mitchell is back finally? . Sorry what were they saying?? I was too busy looking at Tom . Looking good. . Thanks Tom you are a gentlemen. When TC is your IT Guy . So there is a set!! Must be really happening then at last!!x. LOOK WHAT TOM IS WEARING!!!. I love you Tom !! You are a great actor !! I’m waitting for Top Gum 2 !!. Just watching you speak is so amazing in itself!! Tom……….

Lineman you may see me struggle poster

Lineman you may see me struggle poster A2

So excited! My youngest is named Maverick! . I have literal Goosebumps. I’m so excited. Have you watched part 1?. Oh yes, yes, yes. Been waiting for this for over 30 years. Since ‘86. Maverick is back in full force and with his bike, jacket and that mean machine. Ticking down till it releases. Thank you Tom. Your simply the best. You were 24 and I was … See More. Awesome Trailer Tom! Only wish my dad ( who served in the Navy) could see the film, unfortunately he passed away back in April. He was my movie buddy. Anxious to see the film!. I cannot even begin to express my excitement!! Top Gun has been my all-time favorite movie since I saw it in the theater as a kid! Thank you for bringing us Maverick!. I’m so excited about the new Top Gun movie. The first movie is my favorite movie of ALL time. I’ve seen it a least 100 times. Thank you so much Tom for making a new one. Soooooooo excited. I can’t wait. I’m so happy right now. Love and total respect fr… See More

Lineman you may see me struggle poster A3

I hope Jeremy Renner back to the next movies, he is an amazing actor.. Love You Tom cruise…. Mission impossible is My Favorite Movie Love You. Yes!!!!! New mission impossible !!!!. I would love to see cocktail 2 …loved that movie. Who wants james bond when we have ethan hunt, aka tom cruise . Lilian Tudorin
Mission Impossible movies have all caught our heart and I believe what is to come will even more…. Yes too good, I can not wait. Very cool. You make the best movies and you’re the best actor. . Two more in the franchise -can’t wait! But how come Tom isn’t nominated for an Oscar – come on guys!!!. Oohh yessss…can’t see my Tom… Let’s just make Mission films your mission for the rest of time.. Looking forward to the next instalments of MI movies! . I have never seen a Mission Impossible film… Properly should give them ago…

Amen! I’m glad it wasn’t just me! I hate that setting and so glad they did this video!!!. Thank you for doing the lords work!!! . Love the ‘Mission Impossible’ series of films and the ‘Reacher’ films – but ‘The Mummy’? WTF? Thanks for all the great films. Thst is so nice of you both to share that. . Tom Cruise” Best of The Best!!”
Your gonna have to throw in some kinda grey streaks for this movie. You are exactly your twin from the first movie. Ageless and still gorgeous as ever!. Top Gun 2!! So excited . When’s the last time an actor and director gave advice on what setting to use to get the best out of your tv?
Never. #legends. If you support Tom Cruise you support Scientology. No, thank you!. Tom handsome as always. unmistakable smile. Yay, Tom Cruise and George Lucas!. I love Tom, he’s so nice.

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