Donkey nice arse poster


Wild donkeys were kept in Altyn Emel National Park in the fall. The population there has reached about 3,000 individuals, but there is little possibility for future development.
The kulan trick moved to a center in Altyn Dala in Central Kazakhstan, where they were held captive in the winter so that they could engage and adapt to local conditions. The female donkeys have been fitted with a collar so they can track the movement of the herd. These animals have begun to explore the area, and hope they grow and multiply.
The Asian wild ass has spread throughout the Russian Federation, Mongolia, northern China, northwest India, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Currently their main habitat is southern Mongolia and China.
Equus hemionus (Asian wild ass) is listed as endangered, and is considered to face high risk of extinction in nature, in the IUCN Red List. Even though they are protected, they are hunted for meat and skin in some places.

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Donkey nice arse poster
Donkey nice arse poster

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