Cat stay out of my bubble face mask


I once wrote like that on a school bulletin board on Mother’s Day.
It is unknown when ever having cats became a form of “me”. It sounds funny, right? But the truth is I have never seen myself in the future without a cat by my side. When I was young, I thought that in the future, if I didn’t have a husband, I would become an old woman sitting on a wooden chair fluttering a towel between a flock of cats, the other one littered with different colors and sizes. size; how much my pension and old age pension would go to buy them food; When I am old and my teeth fall out, I will wear my glasses to find dentures, and then give the cat food to eat. You see, a husband may not have one, but cats must have one.
Say no exaggeration, one of the reasons for my study abroad is because of … cats. About 10 years ago when I was still in Vietnam, I was allowed to raise cats for the first time, a long-haired white cat named Salem. The two years raising Salem was indeed a “nightmare” because I could not stop the “she” who ran away from home often to play. Every morning, when I woke up, I panicked to find a cat, it was okay to find a cat, if I couldn’t find it, I would have to wander through the caves together, alley calling meow, cold sweat thinking about dog and cat market then some “small tiger” shops on the banks of the dyke. Until one day, my parents also had to decide to go to Salem to end my long series of worries and insecurities. It was also the day when I decided I would move to a more beautiful place, where there were not too many crossroads, alleyways, where people didn’t steal cats, didn’t eat cats, and Don’t smile at your face when you’re wrongly pasting the “Find the Lost Cat” message board. That may have been a little girl’s philosophy, but it was a significant motivation for me to set foot in America.

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Cat stay out of my bubble face mask
Cat stay out of my bubble face mask

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