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In December 1981, James Naismith (born 1861), a physical education teacher of Springphild Training School in Massachusetts, USA, when seeking to make physical education more lively, he based on the games with balls previously developed in history: like the Pok-Tapok game – throwing the ball into a circle of stone stuck vertically on a wall; game Ollamalitituli-burnt rubber ball into a ring made of stone, to create a new game. Due to new features, vivid and attractive, after a short time this game has spread throughout the United States and today has developed into an attractive sport that attracts tens of millions of players on the planet. .
Initially to suit his gym conditions, James Naismith chose a soccer ball to be able to easily catch and pass. He attached two baskets that the locals used to pick peaches into the gym’s balcony. The balcony of the gym was 3.05m high, so today this height corresponds to the distance from the pitch to the edge of the basket rim.
Because there were 18 boys and girls in the class, he was divided into 2 teams, each team playing with 9 people on the field. The player must throw the ball into the basket as much as possible. After a while the number of players decreased to 7, then 5, because he found the number of 5 people on the field to be reasonable.

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Basketball god says you are poster
Basketball god says you are poster

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