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Ben Horrell. Serge Akak. And the pain remains at Stamford bridge. Dave Fehr. this season is on . How time changes everything …. last season vilaa missed relegation by a whisker…will they miss the tittle this season by a whisker? only time will telk. The pain goes with an acceleration of 100ms-2 rent boy fc the bridge of flops destroying careers and giving excuses the bridge of the all time best midfielder Kai Yoko and Timo drawer. The season is still fresh….everyone knows where they belong.. Ye maaa A.Villa is proving to be a hard nut to crack. They had beaten the champions and Leicester is another big team. I love the way they play. Mabhuti Gift Mafola Villa the only side that hasn’t dropped points yet. They will still back to their normal position ! Let them enjoy what it takes now ! 16, 17 or 18 loading after 20 games played soon !.

And when santa squeezes mug

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Unbelievable score line… The last time I checked, it was 3goals to nothing.. Epl is incredible . This type of match makes us love football even more. Well played West Ham. First half goes for Tottenham and second goes for West Ham. A well balanced match. Such an amazing late drama.. We need fans back in the stadium. Results have been crazy ever since stadiums are empty. Players aren’t focused and motivated by thousands of screaming fans behind them. . watched the last 10 min. Pretty awesome. Best league in the world. That was absolutely breathtaking. So let me conclude by saying that the special one is just a word even though you disciplined zebra Fc in other words you cursed yourself.. misery begins. my oh my,,, this neutralises our pain as the blues ,so this is how Zebra fc felt when Liverpool neutralised their pain… feels good. This happens at the Stamford Bridge every weekend

And when santa squeezes mug

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It will be a big mistake to bring back Bale to Tottenham!..He is not moving at all…Son and Kane must play always…They are the real leaders of the Spurs. Patrick Amin. Starboy Prince Offor. Ermias Baraki
What a comeback! Today’s been a weird day with all three games ending at levels. Perhaps another one to end the night?
Play GIF. It happens to Chelsea and it happens to spurs also that’s football for you.. That was like the Great Train Robbery and the Great Escape rolled into one.. Can’t really say they stole a point when they scored 3. Dramatic week in EPL!!. “The game may be changing, but the world’s greatest football league is better than ever”. I thought Chelsea were bad yesterday after throwing away a 2-goal lead and ended up drawing the game 3-3 but Tottenham showed they are the boss today after leading 3-0 at halftime…. Results such as this make the EPL, indisputably, the best football/soccer league in the world.

Tshisikhaiwe Tshindane. Spurs unlucky but West Ham deserves it! What a hit from Lanzini. Absolute beauty,. My Sunday started boring
But this game wrap up my day. Great result Westham showed a lot of character this game and one of Chelsea vs Southampton have shown you don’t count your chics before they hatch , keep fighting and you will be rewarded. We the Liverpool fans are not happy with the EPL… you openly steal the 3pts from our hands yesyerday and also failed to send picford off from that deliberate challenged he did to VVD. We’re completely disturbed by that poor officiating which make the… See More. Oh my ticket you tried but you met your Waterloo today, I never knew you meant it when you said I shouldn’t include Tottenham in you this morning oh my ticket I’m in pains I was only carried away by their camouflage thrashing of zebra FC I didn’t know … See More

These are the days when a draw is no less a loss. But we are loving it. It’s the premier league!!!!. I went to bathroom on 80 mins and when come I was shocked ,2020 is really unpredictable. Harry Daly. Spur never win a single game playing Harry winks and is always a goal when Aurier commit an error. . It was astounding come back of West Ham.
Personally,. No football fans in stadiums is taking its toll on the big teams shocking results lately! It’s working out well for small clubs dou Everton for an example. At half time, I really felt like Jose is turning this side into something! At 90 minutes, I came back to senses and Spurs are back . Only David Moyes and his team-mates knew what had happened on the field after 82 minutes. Mourinho and his team-mates continued the game, believing it to be 3 points safe. Ori was surprised to see a strong press game in the final minutes give West Ham … See More

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