We are in the home stretch peeps. Do what you can and get the vote out!. This election isnt any more important than most past elections.. We did our $ part in this southern Ohio household! WINRED!!!. I’ve given to 6 candidates so far. Smart move to make it so easy to donate!. Sooo you are going to vote for the guy with dementia?. YES, the most important Election, which YOU WILL WIN clearly, Mr. President !!!! I keep watching YOU closely from GERMANY !!!! Love & Kisses !!!!. Why do you want his taxes?? He probably didn’t pay much due to write offs for the buisness. Texas voters are lined up everywhere. According to sleepy Joe he’s running for senate.. I guess they are putting that in his head so when he loses the election it won’t be such a big deal I’m going to eat a big Mac in your honor when you win your second term. KAG! You know you’re dutch when mug

You know you’re dutch when mug

You know you're dutch when mug 11oz

My dad really is the only hero Ive ever known but now I have two heroes the other one is Donald j Trump best president ever we wouldn’t know it from the news but we have been winning and I know you’re going to shove that communism right back at them t… . I think it was real. But this is what hard working republicans do. We work even when sick, we don’t take sick days, we work. We handle responsibilities. We refuse to live in fear. Doctors are an asset, but not God and they don’t dictate our every move.… See More. Wait a minute!!!!!!!!. Psalm 91 You know you’re dutch when mug“Let no weapon prosper!” Isaiah 54:17. The time you spend working on helping this country is priceless; putting together the best team of people to accomplish so much speaks volumes to your dedication, commitment and sacrifices to #MAGA not only in 2016, 2020 but beyond actions speak lou… See More

You know you’re dutch when mug

You know you're dutch when mug 15oz

Supernatural supplies you shall never run dry, the expectation of the wicked shall never see the light of the day,in Jesus name.. We didn’t elect you for your money. We elected you because you’re a leader and you can’t buy leadership!. Being strategic with your money is important. I wish Congress would be strategic with OUR money. Yes youve loads of money given you’re a tax dodger amongst many other things. You owe $400 – $500 millionwhat money?. There is no president who has. Thank you for your honesty. It’s probably the other party going under your name and getting money from Republicans. Another Tax Deduction incase you lose? So you don’t pay Federal Taxes!!. Show them Mr.President you are loved . Have been receiving lots of emails from your campaign saying that you need money and that the Democrats have much more money than you do, making it sound like you are low on money. The emails are asking for donations.

You know you're dutch when mug

Nobody in commonwealth of Pennsylvania , buys into the democrat’s campaign of hate and will go back
and settle for the shadow government once again . 100,000 small businesses have permanently shutdown because of your incompetence handling the Covid-19.. Texas here. Voting at 8 am today. Trump. Pence.. Should we have some sort of address to the nation strictly as a remembrance to those who have lost their lives to Covid? Seems like we should do something..perhaps a religious address from Rev Graham. Since there has been so little church I think p… . Proud to have a president i can respect!!!! Always pushing FORWARD even if there are people, and barriers in the way. We are ready Mr President!!!! GOD WINS!!!!. The economy is far from booming and every single day Americans are dying because of this selfish,negligent administration!! As long as the stock market looks good, nothing else matters! I know people who have lost a loved one, this is just plain awful!… See More

That was an awesome rally in Florida! Loved your energy level and Matt Gaetz was awesome! . I love watching your rallys wish I could go to one but can’t so keep on keeping on and stay well you got this. Georgia. I have traveled through 6 states in the last week. There are help wanted signs everywhere. If people want to work the jobs are there! I think many are riding out unemployment and sitting idle when they could work. I haven’t had a day off since the Pand… . An adult family member that was never registered to vote decided that he needed to get registered to vote because he does not want your opponent to win. I was very impressed. USA is going to be red.. Poor Joe could only gather 8 people at his rally and 4 of them were journalists!!! KAG 2020. There was a sea of people as far as the eye could see almost! Awesome!!! And the Dems want to make us think Biden is ahead! LOL

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