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Brady may be winning, he is winning with simply greater talent. The Bucs have brought in anyone with talent to help him win. If Brady wants to impress me, then win with less talent. Do not be like LeBron and surround yourself with quality talent, just to have everyone sing your praises.. Tom Brady was a Joe Montana fan as a young boy, grew up in San Mateo, always shows a TON of love and respect for Joe Montana! Tom has my vote, classy dude- hard worker and results oriented! Get em Tom Brady!!!!!. Brady walked to a team that is full of weapons, Belichick’s gotta build from the ground up….unfair comparison if you ask me, not taking anything from Brady cause he’s still good. Brady is not just winning. Its the way he’s winning. Throwing bombs, throwing bullets and dropping dimes. He’s actually throwing harder and showing more mobility in the pocket then last year. Amazing what he is doing at 43.. Wu tang christmas 3d sweatshirt

Wu tang christmas 3d sweatshirt

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How ’bout Dem Cowboys….lol Wu tang christmas 3d sweatshirt Pause GIF. And Jerry is a friend of Trump. Go figure. At least they’re good for something. How’s old 3 play McCarthy working out for ya Big D? We tried to warn you. -Packers fans. If someone isn’t fired over this that tells you the Jones don’t want to win. It’s time for mike to go. He’s lost the team big time and doesn’t have a clue about how to coach them.. Jerry gonna fire mike….. The o line is horrible. Let me say this Dalton tried to fire . It’s a record-setting year. Easily the most overrated team in sports history. They’ve had “a bad year” for 32 years and counting. Bad ownership. The entire NFC East sucks.. Maybe in the making of a page out of the Mike Ditka play book. Let em fire you , you still get paid !. Gabriel Huizar The coach must be replaced along with the Defensive Coordinator, and Defensive Backs. Dissapointment.

Wu tang christmas 3d sweatshirt

Wu tang christmas 3d shirt

He’s got two perfect excuses to stay longer. Dak being out and Jerry not wanting to admit he was a bad hire. But he’s nothing special. Green Bay dumped him and instantly became great.. I don’t think he will get fired the first season. First of all their division is the only one you can go 6-10 and win it, second i think some players laid down on him because they wanted Garrett to remain there. Lastly I think they have made some bad m… See More. Until Jerry and Stephen Jones fire themselves the Cowboys WILL NOT win anything. They think they are football gods.. ‘Back to the early 60s football???…….Maybe not, during those Landry early years, they didn’t win a whole of games, but they played football with heart, pride, and guts and striving for one goal in mind to be great…..’not so today, what with those… See More

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Chris Leighfield. Wow. What a shitshow in Dallas. As one commentator said Aaron Rogers won the divorce argument. Even with their struggles GB has been playing lights out Football since McCarthy left. JS. Please let Jerry’s ego get so bad that he thinks he can coach too.. Brandon Marks. Mike is killing it! Lol glad we don’t have him as coach anymore. I love it the ironic thing is that division is so crap they will probably win the division with 4 wins lol. I said it once and I’ll say it again go get Ryan Fitzpatrick as a back up quarterback. Mike Iannetta. Good thing they got Mike McCarthy. Throw a red poncho over McCarthy so we can call him koolaid. I couldn’t be happier for jerry. The fun part of this shit show, is watching Jerry Jones do absolutely fuk all about it, just like he’s done the last 25 yrs.

How can you blame the offence for scoring a TD? Their D is horrible. The falcons don’t need to draft nothing but defense this upcoming draft I’m talking about spend every single draft pick on defense they gotta hit on a couple surely. So if he wouldn’t have scored and the kicker misses the field goal would the loss still be his fault?. Maybe your defense shouldn’t give up a touchdown in 65 seconds….. The headline should be, “Atlanta defense screws up lead. Will be replaced by local high school jv defensive line.”. I feel like it’s not the offense player’s fault. You should be able to trust your defense not to give up a touchdown if that’s what they need to avoid giving up. Can’t blame the RB in this situation (especially ATL) blame the loss of the reason you did… See More. The Penn State play the announcer said it’s something we’ve “seen Todd Gurley do this a couple of times” the next day the same thing happens to Gurley

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