Super spreader is at it again. it wont help Donny, youre done.. He’s becoming increasingly deranged. I’m not sure if it’s the meds or his fear of losing, but he seems more mentally unwell.. Yeah cause crowed people without masks always seems like a good idea . Since the doctors have authorized him to do this there is no reason for him not to proceed. We know that there are those among you who believe Trump to be a bad president. We, on the other hand believe we have a great President. We are sorry to hear about yours.. Somebody give that man a 4th nobel peace prize nomination.. Please get as must rest as you can & take care of yourself Mr President!!! We love & need you to be safe & well!!!!!!!. and his crazy followers will go, wanting to kiss the golden ring and be happy to wear no masks and drink his koolaid Why did I become a veteran

Why did I become a veteran hoodie

It must be good to be the king. If I got sick tomorrow I would be in quarantine for 2 weeks. He’s been sick whata week?. PERFECT!! Exactly what you should do, Mr. President. These “debates” are just biased “interviews” anyway. Let’s skip the prejudice and discrimination and OPEN THE VOTING BOOTHS EARLY.. More like he forced the physician to clear him or get fired… Putting peoples lives in danger just so he can go on a ego trip!! Unbelievable!!. How are any of you ok with the fact he tested positive Wednesday and didn’t tell anyone until Friday? He went to an event Thursday knowing he had it and infected everyone. Imagine being one of those people? Or being their family? It’s truly disgusting. Such a selfish selfish person. The stupidty of some on the left never ceases to amaze me. You do realize people do recover from illnesses right? I mean, don’t people do that with the flu even? Good grief people. Stop living in fear. You stop living if you live your life in fear all the time Why did I become a veteran

Why did I become a veteran long-sleeved

What a broke clown. Omg he sounded so sick during this interview. Wake up stupid people. We all trust our Doctors stop the drama.. Rest one more week Mr President! America is fighting for her country. You must let citizens take a stand for her!. Trumps self isolation in the White House has triggered a mental breakdown.
He now has PSYCHOSIS… . All the democrats are gonna lose their minds over this it’s fantastic!. It’s beautiful seeing you up and about. Good you’re having rallies . Praying for your wife For a good recovery. God bless you all and keep in Gods Hands always.. come on down, Florida always glad to welcome our President. I hope nobody shows up I don’t believe he’s healthy. But again he doesn’t care who he infects.. All aboard the Trump train bound for Glory land. Turn in your ticket November. 3rd.. We have been lied to by China, WHO, Dr Fauci, Bill Gates about the virus

Why did I become a veteran tank top

Biden is so scared. Chris Wallace should run to cbs! Your such a shameful rep to the one channel we thought, we May could beat.. Biden and his fear tactics to control Americans and not let them be responsible for themselves.. To late the democrat debate Commission said nope their decision is final!! No more debates, its a waste of time & money.. The President should just show up and say where’s Joe? If he’s a no show.then it’s on him……he’s bailing.. Sure Biden wants a virtual debate to make it easier for his puppet masters to tell him what to say, no more pesky microphones. I believe these debates are non productive. Do we really learn anything. I could care less if I watch them..they are not fair to certain candidates..so why would I waste my time watching them.. Next debate should be virtual because of Trump’,s health. Biden has every right to call the shots on this one.

All our prayers your way Mr. President we are behind you 100%… He said he’s getting tested on Friday to make sure he’s negative…why the outrage? If he gets a negative result what does it hurt? Nothing.. Are you his doctor?. No matter what happens until the election Donald is screwed….You Will have a New president soon.You better rally behind him if you consider yourself patriote.Enough with all this nonsense.Fun Time is over….The freakshow in chief is going home.. So many sick evil people on here!!! They must be Doctors!!!!! Never in my life have I’ve seen so much hate!!!!! Disgusting!!!! Trump2020. Hello
This man does not have COVID and already cured. I would not attend if his supporters do attend then they don’t care about their health. why doesnt he tell when was he tested negative ?. President Donald Trump will hold a virtual rally while guest hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show this Friday.“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radi…

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