Undertaker 30 years that is a long time I but it’s time to take care of yourself stay strong don’t give up stay healthy and Pray for You in for a family we will miss you angel subconscious. Nice ending to a glorious 30 years of “digging holes and claiming souls.” Thank you, Mark. Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler. The best wrestler in history . This is one of my favorite cinematic matches.. tonight its going to be one emotional night thank you so much for 30 years of decade of destruction. Aside from the story he told with triple h and Shawn this was the greatest match and story taker told #thankyoutaker I went from childhood to adulthood watching taker. Sean Chevalier. Thank you taiker the best of the best wrestler of the wold. This match got me scared coz it took place at the grave yard at night still. i use to call you the king of the jungles we will miss those huge smokes and your terrible voice in WWE field man

Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler

Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler back

He thought he could beat the dead man. Wrong there’s only one deadman. When you step into his yard be prepared to get what you asked for its not going to be nice. Still one of the best and will always be do see a nother braking his record ever. Was awesome to be there live for this match. I guess WWE realized they made a mistake by ending the streak and they were trying to salvage the situation by having bray at the show. You are the Legend of WrestleMania and Suvivor Series and we will miss you but you will always be in WWE and you will always be with us.. Thank you undertaker for everything you will sorely be missed xxxxxx Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler. Taker was so weak in this match! Always a pleasure to watch him tho. Wwe must produce a wresler like undertaker,warrior.hulk hogan.bretheart.. Wrestlemania will never be the same again! You made not only the WWF/E what it is today but also the grandest stage of them all, a complete legacy. I know you will miss it Mark and we will all miss you too. I look forward to any future events you may s… See More

Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler

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Kim Ratajczak
Will ALWAYS be my favorite wrestler EVER!. Undertaker was the main reason I even watched wrestling. He’s the man and always will .gave me chills whenever he came out. There was just something bout him that was sexy. You will b truly missed n the ring.#LoveTheUndertaker. I loved watching him. I was pissed when he lost at wrestlemania….should of never happened what a disrespectful act to undertaker. I’ve had his music as a ringtone on almost every phone I’ve had. It is good to ride in a dead man’s chariot. The dead man walking… The undertaker is a resilient and indefatigable champion, immune to suffering. When I was a kid I thought he was a ghost.. The Undertaker was part of everyone’s childhood… CJ Rodrigo. Nothing gives you more chills than a returning Undertaker wellll…maybe a returning Stone cold but still Undertaker’s returns be awesome as hell!!!. Wow what an amazing 30 years thank you taker legend deadman!! #taker

I remember watching all these, totally funny and entertaining, what happen now?. Was the butter good?. it’s so very cool I love the undertaker attacks on Randy orton grab this thoret. The childhood memories. It never gets old.. Last part with kane.. . The look on Taker’s face with Kane, lol.. You will always be the best. The memories are endless. Love it. Going to miss you tons. I wish you the very best in health, on your retirement & stay safe. Thank you for decades of entertainment good & bad.. This is the day 1/ 10 of me promising to comment as a thank you for the under taker. Without you undertaker ther is no more stering in WWE. The way taker was looking at Kurt angles hair lmao . Kane asking about Undertaker’s week LMAO XD. O meu lutador favorito no mundo . Undertaker for number 1. Well …Time flies.. kane is now corporate..lok

Great messages and moments of action and the teams The Undertaker yes. Thank you for everything man great memories!. Hall Anthony. I am watching you now on YouTube. That was phenomenal sending Shawn Michaels flying onto Batista! Great match!
Play GIF. Amoo. H. Batista. Love that saying. . That’s the fastest I’ve seen the deadman walk to the ring!. undefined. Serge Billong. Play GIF. He found the match irrelevant hence made his exit! #LEGEND. Önce con sena dayak yiyor sonra kazanıyor aynı rski balboga gibi. Juan Carlos Arraya. undefined. undefined. Juan Otalvaro Guzman
Play GIF. Meu sonho ver Undertaker x istig. Pause GIF. Forever loyal fan of the legend undertaker. حيو سينا. Este es la primera lucha que vi de Taker..
Y desde ahí se volvio mi favorito y mi idolo. Sharon Turnbull. Her is your angel
Play GIF. When Jim Ross said almost beheaded John cena the wwe champion. This kind of matches will really never happen on WWE nowadays, I’m glas I was able to be a part of this era

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