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I don’t know that shirt looks a bit like a Nazi. How are we doing in the polls ? I am getting nervous . Very amazing work that the Trump family did to America- home. USA citizens please stay patriotic to your country ! It is very important to safe this county ! . AG Barr and Ivanka announced the largest investment for trafficking support services in US history, OVER $100 Million in grants.. Wish sje would cut her hair again!. Almothana Alied Van Halen crocs crocband shoes Through my follow-up of her work and her activities … Ivanka is pro America pro life pro family pro community pro jobs pro security social security and health care pro school open. What do you mean by a gifted human? characteristics of a gifted human . #……. Protect ur prestige with great honour. Treat ur self like normal servitor. Feel ur self a pirate . and stay on the bridge of faith regards please . Nice face you had lol

Van Halen crocs crocband shoes

Big hugs from our family to yours. Thank you for doing what no one else had the heart or strength to do! And thank you for not giving up as most would of buckled under the intense bullying your family has had to endure. THANK YOU!. Proudly made in the USA! Thank you for making America great again!. Amazing keep up the fantastic work!!! 2024 Ivanka!!!. Our first female future President! Love her! Thank you for all your hard work!. I can’t wait for another 4 years!. Nancy Chandler Baker. Ivanka 2024! USA . You should thank your lucky stars we have a President, although not perfect, that loves this country & has sacrificed the rest of his life to keep us free & not under a socialist society.. I have friends that thin just like Toni and you can’t tell them otherwise. They refuse to see the true.. Very True We all.ost lost everything in small business Many went out of business or retired Trump brought sanity back… Thank you Trumps !!! Working and putting others to work !!! Van Halen crocs crocband shoes

Van Halen crocs crocband shoes

Van halen crocs crocband shoes woman

I like my 401k I don’t like open boarders I don’t like socialize medicine I like a strong military and a nonsense leader, I like not wasting $$ and lives in a war, I like a president who insists on, despite injurious to his own election, respect for… . You look so pretty, love your hair curled!. Like Father Like daughter..both are working hard. Gregory Lilienthal. “Greatest economy”, “of our lifetime” – superfluous words, just like her father, that in the end are empty. Sad sad times for this poor country.. Sidnei Góes Maciel. You should come to Columbus, Indiana!!!!!. Thank You, My Sister Ivanka.. The Republicans are Starting to ramp up. Biden is still in the basement.. I support your efforts, however, I do not support you supporting the mask wearing. Not a good look on you.. Peg Dussliere Neilson. I can’t wait until this entire family is out of the people’s house.

Thank You Ivanka . A Vocational education for our young people in high school would be wonderful . The last two years getting vocational education would help so many young people. At least them they would have some experience doing things . Not everyb… . Plz make sure your father is rested before the debate.
Biden and Wallace will both be trying to rattle him to make him angry tell him to ignore them and keep looking into the camera and talk to the American voters.. Should have come to Indianapolis and hear about the danced, danced between Mike Pence and Carrier. This is a great program very much needed we also need this at the college and university level.. And all of her crap is still made in China!!!. Shall we aim for all retail products to be Made in America”?. This lady is so awesome! What a breath of fresh air compared to the bitter old hags on the Left

Trump did a great job with the pandemic and he will continue doing a great job. Biden didn’t want travel from and to China to be stopped. Trump stopped the travel saving millions of lives.. Great I also join to in intitative any way out there just joking great madam keep it up stress on parents and caretaker attention. What about the kids in cages?. we need a childrens internet,no adults or adult content!!and NO SEX EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS!!!theyre pushing it,not getting rid of it!!look at netflix,cuties and the new dolls on the market,dolls with genitalia!!!sad!!. SHOCKING ALERT: Some schools are taking unprecedented steps to deceive parents. In Wisconsin, students as young as kindergarteners are taught that they can choose their own gender.
But there’s more.. Too bad her and Daddy broke the law by paying her as a consultant while employed by Daddy’s company. Somehow I don’t think an orange jumpsuit is her thing.

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