This was so cute really enjoyed watching thr groundhog family and the thoughtfulness of the gardner planting a garden for them and not harming god’s little creatures . We have two groundhogs living under our shed, I’ve tried to feed them fruits and veggies but they never ate any of them. They only ate the sunflower seeds I put out for the birds. Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug. I’m looking forward to the spring when they come out of hibernation and … See More. You are an amazing man! I love that you care and watch out for this groundhog family! Thank you for your hard work in planting their own garden l love the little picnic table . I feel differently about them! I had 2 burrowing under an outbuilding, and destroying everything. I waited until I KNEW they were underground again, then I poured concrete in their tunnels. Not sure if they died or not, but I never saw them again!

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug 11oz

The Dodo You can keep up with Chunk The Groundhog and all of his adventures on Instagram: thedo.do/chunk. INSTAGRAM.COM Login • Instagram Login • Instagram. Thank you everyone for all your amazing comments! We love The Chunks and Friends! Indiana did an absolutely amazing job on the story! Thank you so much The Dodo. Omg so cute! So sweet of you to plant their own garden. I love the groundhogs that come into our yard . I Love ground hogs. Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug. You sir are my hero. I feed: groundhogs raccoons, fox possums, skunks, deer, and red tail hawks, every day. Once in a while a bear. Love them all.. I’m sorry but the picnic table he made for them took me out!!! He like you have your own garden AND a table to eat as a family!! Stay outta mine!!Hilarious!!!. It’s so nice and happy to see such a kind human being, nowadays it’s so difficult to find such people, either they plan to kill those lovely animals or they would probably stop gardening but here it’s a whole new story, how lovely

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug

Sunflower vase to my daughter love mom mug 15oz

As I watched this, I though it was my back yard! You have no idea what you are in for!!. You have to call in animal control
they will remove them & take them to another field at least 5 miles from the house. You are so awesome. The country can learn a lesson from you. Accepting than helping another life. Be it creatures or humans we can all learn to accept each other and live n harmony,.,if we choose to. What a great story and love of wildlife. They have their own garden, picnic table and they are safe and loved!. For weeks I was tossing anything that I wasn’t going to eat from my garden under my shed, where Sandor (groundhog) lives. Then one night I forgot to close the screen on my garden.. What a kind man! Not only does the groundhog family get a garden, they have a table, benches and a table cloth! Marvelous!!

What a nice guy! Love people who have a kind heart for helpless creatures. So cute watching those little critters eat.. Oh my heavens, I could not love this and gardener man and groundhogs and their adorable chomping any more! Kindness is what this world desperately needs.. I remember this video when the momma first came along. But that was the end! So glad he planted a garden for them and their little family., . Love Chunk and his home owner….So cool that you respect these beautiful animals…I share my garden produce as well!!. They certainly enjoy eating in your garden. That was especially nice of you to make a Garden just for them. It’s amazing, that now the whole family is there eating together. LOL. Chuck and his family are so adorable and this man is wonderful to feed these cute little critters BUT, before long he’ll have hundreds in his yard. So feeding them and encouraging them to stay would be a NO for me!

You are an awesome guy! We also have a family that love all of our produce scraps! Hmm, maybe I’ll plant them a garden too!. Oh my good Lord you are an amazing human being may the Lord bless you. I have a woodchuck named Chuck too. I think he’s hibernating now. He’s fun to watch. Very cool you have si much video of Chuck and family . Cute story, I loved watching it but I’d be careful about encouraging them to move in. They can be really destructive with their tunneling. They can do damage to buildings etc. we have a few here on the farm and we don’t do anything about them but we do… See More. Your goodness shines. This is a most unusual and unique video. You are a special type of person with your concern and care of God’s little creatures, and His eye is not only on “the sparrows”, but upon you as well.

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