Oh, those little sweaters. He is adorable.. Soo precious. Thank you for sharing. Mr. Bigglesworth is so precious but how about his mom’s accent and voice? So adorable!. He is absolutely adorably cute. He looks very happy and seems to enjoy his life and most of all he is so loved. And there is nothing wrong with being different. . Dodo never fails to amaze us with all these videos…. I have really started to understand and love animals even more.. Rationalism is nothing without empathy.. Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper. So cute reminded me of energizer mascot Play GIF Tenor. He is just such a cutie and his fantastic personality such precocious great save and great job mom…thanks for sharing your sweet little critter. Mr Bigglesworth you are so cute my mum would always want the pet that looked a little different Have lots of happy days with your family and doggy brother xxx. Funny how truly innocent and beautiful n unique ones are always rejected in life , unless someone sees their soul energy and their uniqueness…and gives them a chance to live n be themselves Really inspired by these angels on earth who see this .

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper front

OMG he’s Mr white rabbit from Alice in wonderland, right? he’s just waiting to be suit up and grab his top hat literary . I wouldn’t have thought a greyhound and a rabbit could be friends.. Being different only makes you more special…. He’s looks better than a hairless cat!! But I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. All animals are beautiful. Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper. looks like he’s covered in pink velvet . Wonderful! . Have you asked a vet if his condition is treatable? It would surely be more comfortable for him.. The fact this bunny was (more than likely) named after Dr. Evil’s cat who lost his hair in space travel, makes this all the better. Is he allergic to. Did the vet tell you why he has no hair?. If Hulk Hogan was a rabbit.. Does anyone else think the bunny looks like this guy? Play GIF. I’m sorry but as a rabbit.lover even I’ve got to say hes not the kindest on the eye lol x

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Peter Marsh dear lord what a sad little christmas sweatshirt and jumper back

Maybe Good evening can’t make a coat from it for but you can eat it. Ohmigosh! Hes the cutest most precious bunny ever!! He is very loved by many. . Bless him he has got small patches of fur, will more grow do you think?. How very gorgeous I would have took the rabbit in in a heartbeat.
Just because a rabbit has no fur just like people who are not very good looking but the heart is good on the inside.. This is my first time see such adorable ,cutie and sweetie rabbit. Your actions like more a puppy than a rabbit. Love you a lot. Bless you healthy and happy with your owner.. Mr Bigglesworth is a superstar!. Why woukdn’t anybody want it. Just put a jacket on it.. Oh he’s so precious. Every animal deserves a loving, forever home. I love his little sweaters. He’s absolutely beautiful! Looks do not matter. What matters is the soul. All animals want is to love and be loved.

So cute. ALL of God’s creatures!!. awwww I would take him in. And he even gets along with a Greyhound. Now that’s something.. Never saw a hairless rabbit.. Soooooo stinkin cute!!!. So interesting thanks for shareing from Michigan never knew they egisisted. Bless you.. He looks a bit like a donkey. That’s not a bad thing.. I think that I, out of curiosity, would try to breed him. Maby he gives his naked gen to his offsprings… I want him!!!! He’s beautiful!!! . He is so cute. I absolutely love that he is named after doctor evils hairless cat in Austin powers too! I truly love all animals and im thankful for the dodo and other media/programs that show us the love and beauty of our lil animal friends.. How adorable. Everyone needs love and care no matter how we look on the outside. He’s so cute!! Wow ONE!! Year young. I’m proud of you!! Thanks for caring and loving him!! Sweet couple.

Love this. Brought joyful tears to my eyes!!!. undefined. Cute !!!. I don’t know if I should be scared of people that do this or be glad that people do this.. When you’re bored…… Joey oh my god.. next years halloween costume . I knew this Covid thing would send some creatures over the edge !. To adorable.. Yeah!! So cute. The beautiful dog is the loveig one . Poor dogs….. The Stafford/bull on the second picture looks like: “Please help me”… . This is so sweet and funny :D. That is so cute.. Farrah Minchin This is good but I believe you have the passion and the dogs to better it.. Charlotte Cooper that has to be a plan !! We can give you Shadow if needed !! . Sad beyond belief must be American!!. Nice One Dad…. Poor thing . No wonder he’s not happy. Superb. Cool. Oh that is awesome

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