Joey Santillano. Clinton Hartley Boxing is still a thing?. Gamboa was sloppy tonight , good win and fight for Crawford.. I’m still rooting for him vs Pacman!. I remember this clearly..Gamboa was my guy, had Tysons style (I was even him for Holloween one year lol)…he had Bud early, then got worn down… never the same after that. Opossum trashing through the snow christmas sweatshirt and jumper. Exhaustion set in dude couldn’t keep his hands at all. Best boxer on the planet!. Oscar Cantu. Zack Steven. Was it me, or did that dude have his hands down too much.. Back when Crawford was at Lightweight and was a Jr. Middleweight at fight night. Gamboa had no chance.. Pound for pound the best right now.. Luke Nubert. I love Bud but Gamboa was already falling relax . So when is Crawford steppin up to the real contenders. After the latest round of D.Wilders worst excuses ever just goes to show boxing is a JOKE!

Opossum trashing through the snow christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Opossum trashing through the snow christmas sweatshirt and jumper front

Dave Myers Thank you for this riveting post. I don’t know how I would get through my day if I didn’t know how Harden wished Westbrick a happy birthday.. People throw alot of shade at Harden but he took the stacked Golden State Warriors to two game 7s in the WCF. He was that close to getting 2 chips. They should’ve never got rid of Clint tho. But he’ll get a ring before he retires.. I think they genuinely like each other. But just can’t play with each other bc they both have strong personalities. He probably wishes Westbrick didn’t join his team and the throw the playoffs for poor James as well. Opossum trashing through the snow christmas sweatshirt and jumper. Benedict James Malinao. They are best friends. All of this is buisness and frustration with the organization. Something has to give. Westbrook will never win a chip!!. They just sitting back lookin like “Damn we made it” much respect

Opossum trashing through the snow christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Opossum trashing through the snow christmas sweatshirt and jumper back

Bill Comley. We want Crawford vs Spence!!!. Get this kid a real fight. Totally wasting his talent by having him fight these scrubs.. The dude took like 10 micro-naps that fight. It was only a matter of time.. Gamboa was 84 yrs old . There’s a reason we have weight classes. This was sickening to watch.. And that’s his biggest victory against a 5’3 135 lbs journeyman needs to step up competition at 147. They were trading blows pretty evenly. Red shorts just has no Chin. Boot boot boot the funny thing is he gave him a hook to the back of the head not usually a critical or ko zone like temple jaw etc goes to show how much power he has. Finally! I’ve been waiting for a Crawford fight for like ever!. Good fight but can’t match to the mexican canelo Alvarez. After that second knockdown his team should’ve stopped that fight

Has Alfonso Ribeiro ever hit the rim in his life? *State Pharm commercial*. Zac Baggett. You’d think Bel Air Academy would have a better court??. Love the fact he’s cranking it up like that from the 3pt line . was the “it did not go in” necessary?. The other schools best player(and I use the term best player loosely) was 35 years old.. The 3pt arc is like 2 ft from half court.. The court size always bugged me tho. The full baseball toss from midcourt while seeing the free throw line in frame pained me. Watching at the time that miss was one of the best anticlimax moments of the 90s. Today it won’t fly. Sawyer Niedens. That was not 30 years ago. Kanee Bou. Couple years later we saw the iconic battle of Bel – Air Academy vs Malibu Prep showcasing Will Smith vs Marcus Stokes. The good old days

Tonio Nevels
Boxing is awesome when it’s done right. Terrence Crawford is a great talent and I hope that he gets the opportunity to prove he’s also a great Fighter as well. Sometimes talented guys don’t always get the fights needed to prove their greatness and moving forward I hope Crawford can get those… See More. Roger Keith. Great fight.. Kaleb Payne. Carlos J. Alvarez. Crawford is the man. But stop with the one sided nonsense. Gamboa had him close to dream street a handful of times in that fight.. Kasey Fleeman. Bud didn’t shock nobody who knows how good he is already. Ain’t nobody on his level. Marlo Bumbray. They should’ve been stopped this fight. Colton Skaleski. Wow Haney and davis didn’t rock Gamboa like that! Dayum. Crawford all night long!!! Go Big Red!!!. Say what you want about Gamboa, he has been nothing but a warrior his whole career, nothing but respect to that man

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