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We should all show more gratitude towards Manchester United … because in these difficult times with so much trauma and sadness about, they at least once a week give us something to laugh about and remind us that there are people worse off than us !. That’s an incredible deep and honest comment and you couldn’t have said it better if you tried harder Harry thank you so much….. I think he’ll find talk back in the 90’s and 2000’s was out of jealousy the talk now is 50% disgust with how far they’ve fallen, 50% hilarity at how far they’ve fallen!!!. We’ve !!!! You’ve not had any Harry and not likely too as I’m afraid you ain’t good enough and are not fit to lace the boots of previous successful teams, weak captain !!. Gabriyel Maila He would laugh too if he watched himself play the way he does after being bought for that amount of money…

Oh give me the beat boys and free my soul poster

Oh give me the beat boys and free my soul poster A1

I dont think he can, He was a really good player for 2 -3 years but he hasn’t carried that into this season. Well I don’t think he can get much worse!! As much as I like Raheem, for me, his first touch is poor, his decision making is not the best and he needs too many chances before he scores. Does anyone think he would be better playing on the right? He cert… See More. Pep has been saying that every time he talks about Sterling. But when will Sterling actually improves? Pep made a huge blunder when he pushed Sane out and keep the ineffective Sterling. Sane is now one of the top players in Bundesliga and here in city … See More. He is the most overrated player on the planet. Without his pace, I don’t think he would be a premiership player. But he’s got a good attitude/work ethic.

Oh give me the beat boys and free my soul poster

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Nope not really, there’s no denying that they had some fantastic teams during the Fergie era. For me it was always the cocky arrogance of the fans, they seemed to think that winning was a God given right granted exclusively to them! How times have ch… See More. success you were never part of and the part you are part of is the worst in the clubs history since the early 80’s. He needs to shut up and concentrate on learning to defend. David Ashworth
No Harry you’re nothing to be jealous about. Criticism comes with poor results and performances.. What success has he had? Successful people don’t even speak about it. Ask the humble captain fantastic, Henderson, a successful captain in a big, big, successful club.. To be honest, I kinda am a bit jealous of him. He is proof that even the shittest player can become a high paid professional footballer. Makes me wish I had stuck at it. Might be on 200k a week for not being able to kick a ball myself.

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I don’t remember Maguire being successful at Manure United.. His words are really funny
He said “probably because of the success we’ve had in the past”. Haven’t won the league in 7 yrs & currently 13th in the table, even you don’t believe you’re the biggest club in the world Harry have a day off son!!! . Alexander Lynton. Regardless of what you think of him as a player, this is actually spot on. Man U had years of success so people like it when they are suffering a bit like everyone else.. Success you’ve had in the past? What have you done since you joined Manchester United except from being a useless, slow, overpriced, block head… “Success we’ve had IN THE PAST” who’s “we” ? Go away Harry and boil your head the only thing you won was the captains armband and that was because nobody wanted it, #fuckinharmless. Matthew Carter, The popularity of Man United, unless you didn’t know, really stems from the Munich disaster, the disaster catapulted the Busy babes across the world. Their popularity AND WEALTH stems from that. It allowed them – in the past to buy ANY … See More

‘We’ve had success in the past’ . That’s like me claiming personal success for the Second World War !. Literally nobody is jealous of Man United these days. 10-15 years ago maybe but now? They’re hilarious.. It’s becoming comical! . Jamie Brown. That’s true and the ones who disagree with him are the ones who have jealousy obviously.. Meanwhile you’re entire fan base has spent 15 years saying you can’t live in the past, yet now you are, and it’s glorious. And whats wrong with that. People don’t want sport dominated by one team or player. We’ve had to endure a generation of spoiled United fans who then disappeared when their team became average!!. Needs to keep his mouth firmly shut until they win something. At the moment he is a waste of money and time.. Kush Nyaga
100% truth. It stems from the fact you’re all shite.. Mate you’ve had no success so don’t start talking about Utds success until you’ve actually done something for the club other than generate negative press!

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