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Amazing loved it! . I went to the denver concert. I wanna go back Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster just got done watching it love u . Omg I just finished it and omg it was so cute and everything was perfect.. I loved it so much . My eyes got watery when it ended. You’re so amazing Ari. Your dancers was off the chain. And I’m for sure coming to your next tour when you have one.. Ariana you are the best I loved you do not know how much I love you I want to tell you that you are wonderful I am from the state of Oaxaca is located in Mexico but I can not go I would love to go to a concert one day. You are absolutely the best! I love you so much Thank you for inspiring little big girl like me, and showing them that we can have the world despite our size.

Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster

Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster A1

Aivryn Fuchs Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster i woke up at 7:30am just to watch this!!! i loved it!! brought back so many thank u next and sweetener era memories. Okay, walang moonlight my baby deserves better but I love the movie omg sksnhdjdjdiskdjdhdjsjjs. Absolutely loved it!! But no fake smile… kinda cried just a little bit seeing it on there . I watched this it’s so good I got goose bumps loads . ariana finding scott and brian is my favorite part . woke up and forgot. got on social media and my first post on my home page was ariana grande excuse me i love u on netflix. My neighbor started banging on my wall cause I had it really loud I love me some Ari !!!. I’m so sad cause i’ve got no Netflix in my house!. Stayed up for this! Yea, I watched the show in person at STL.. but still.. watching u perform makes me so happy

Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster

Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster A2Motorradfahrer an meinen vater poster A3

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