Labrador I am your friend poster


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. : Well In My Humble Opinion, Of Course Without Offending Anyone Who Thinks Differently From My Point Of View, But Also Looking At This Matter In A Different Way And Without Fighting And By Trying To Make It Clear And By Considering Everyones Opinion,… See More. thank you for such art , I literally listen to it all day long , pov ,my hair , 34+35 , obvious & six thirty have to be the best songs in the album Labrador I am your friend poster . congratulations on your #5 #1 billboard debut . Great album I do hope there will be a vinyl release. Congratulations. I’ll be streaming the album all day and night! . i’m literally obsessed with this album . The album is perfect the songs are beautiful and unique like your Ariana Grande you are a beautiful princess Forever . Yoahli SJ. Love your album, it’s an art . i am loving all the songs sm but my fav is probably love language or pov

Labrador I am your friend poster

Labrador I am your friend poster A1

Bhupendra Dewoolkar. Pls come to méxico, in the next tour . This album was as good as expected . She is the best artist out thereee!. All of Ariana’s albums are art, Ariana, you’ve helped me a lot in my emotions, you’re an amazing woman. . The album is awesome.. This album is sooooooooooooooooooo amazing, totally art . AN AMAZING ALBUM!. I love this album, the vocals is amazing, your music is perfect love Ari . Loved the album and I love you . Even if you can go to studio and not Record. I wanted to be the first to comment but it seems like other people are sleeping here, but that doesn’t change the fact that I sold my kidney to download your album only to find out that only 5 songs were the best. This album is is good!!!. Its now one of my best album. I like it Labrador I am your friend poster

Labrador I am your friend poster

Labrador I am your friend poster A2Labrador I am your friend poster A3

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