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Any weapons to deal with illegal armed forces. Three Deputy Ministers of Defense resigned because they opposed the war; The 11 joint-venture generals sent a letter to the Nation’s Swing, asking to discuss the legitimacy of the military operation to Che-sni-a; Five senior commanding officers on the front lines were dismissed due to missed opportunities of war. The opinion of the decision-making class was not consistent, causing great chaos to the soldiers participating in the war, making the army waver, with severe dislike of war. Political factions within the government sprouted like mushrooms, fighting each other fiercely, with serious internal losses. Keltan luke health lance duke mug. Stemming from different political needs, the forces of the Russian parties quarreled each other, leading to a stance in resolving the Che-sni-a issue of the Russian bureaucracy, wobbly, three-dimensional morning Seven, even a bizarre phenomenon appeared, the Russian current government “shrugged off to reconcile” on the Che-sni-a issue when the Russians “pressed against the wall” of the Che-sni-a separatists with a huge cost of casualties. The issue of Che-sni-a has been left behind, both sides understand clearly, it is good to live in peace and peace. The Che-sni-a War not only revealed an inadequate assessment of the difficulty of Russia’s current administration’s handling of the Che-sni-a issue, but also showed that the real situation declined sharply after. when the Soviet Union dissolved.

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