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Fired my ass – he still is pulling a pay check. He got “re-assigned” – I get his disappointment and complaining about – dude wants to play.. Fitz would play for nothing, he loves the game, the money is a bonus!. Dallas will take him. Wayne Page. Come on Fitz. You knew what it was before the season even started. Chances are your going to get traded to a qb needy team and be a starter yet again. Looking at you Dallas.. Well he could have made it worse and made it a Toobin Zoom session. I know he’s joking but hes still getting paid the same what about all the regular people who get fired and lose there jobs. Fitzpatrick didn’t deserve to be benched like this at this point. He’s helping that team win. Except that you weren’t fired and you still get to collect a paycheck for millions.

Jack Skellington Halloween Is Coming 3D Hoodie

Jack Skellington Halloween Is Coming 3D Hoodie L

If you don’t believe in covid let some one with covid cough in your face.. I mean how many athletes got covid badly? Dont worry ill wait. He has nothing to worry about, and he knows it.. If a 70 year old hamburger eating fat old man who drives a golf cart everywhere can survive covid-19 … I’m not surprised Odell isn’t afraid of it.. Mike Reeves. OBJ immediately gets COVID…. It is a Scamdemic so he’s correct. He would be safe if it affected the brain!. He’s right but his logic is ridiculous . No one said he had a great intellect. Though his ego and narcissistic behaviour has no bounds. is really that foolish?. He wants to distract from being shut down by the Steelers. OVERRATED. To many hits to the head?. these are the people called spreaders. His thinking belongs in Ohio alright, in line with about 80% of Ohio’s population

Jack Skellington Halloween Is Coming 3D Hoodie

Jack Skellington Halloween Is Coming 3D Hoodie M

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