Columbus didnt discover the Americas. He took a wrong turn and landed in the Caribbean and Europeans had already landed on this continent many, many years before. But he did bring disease and famine, so there’s that.. It is mind boggling that the President of the United States is holding Rallies during a global pandemic I’m german you couldn’t handle me mug.. the first likely person from Europe to discover the America’s was Lief Erickson, however he was second to the people who had already claimed it as home. Columbus was third, and just a better marketer, hence why everyone thinks Columbus did it. Recognition, though, is overdue for the Indigenous people who were here first, and their contributions to the settler’s survival in the early years. This land was theirs before it was taken away from them. We rounded them up and placed them on reservat… . Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT for taking a stand where others shrink to Go with the Flow” of a corrupt society!

I’m german you couldn’t handle me mug

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Amtrak Joe is moving fast. The rest of you just have to keep up.. Who wants his country to get involved into wars and conflicts that have nothing to do with them? I’m german you couldn’t handle me mug Sure nobody.. Its very shameful that elections have come to this, but to see the Democrats bragging about their own billions is very telling.. We raise so much money for elections but can’t find cures for cancer, diabetes, heart diseases etc. just don’t get it!. Kendrick Knox Trump got tax extensions in 2016-17 and paid 5.2 million and left money in to cover 2018 and was charged 750 bucks for that year because he paid over what he owed.. Still $60 million less than Biden 2020 has raised.. If anyone sees anything hand written on their ballot ask for a new one – your vote will be disqualified. Pass it on.. Amazing that people want to vote for the past VP that let Benghazi happen , the. Lies about it. I’d rather vote for current P that hasn’t got us in any wars , bringing our people home.

I’m german you couldn’t handle me mug

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Come on New Yorkers!! Wake up!! Let’s turn the state Red! Vote! Governor Cuomo is writing books and making himself profits. It’s time to flip NY. Vote Trump!. Why not make it a national holiday to vote. If it’s one of our most important days why couldn’t it be a holiday? We have some pretty stupid holidays but yet no holiday for one of the most important things this country can do. Makes you wonder why not.. In 2016, Orange County, CA went blue for first time since 1936. With all the Trump/American flags and supporters, I don’t buy it!! Ballot harvesting!! Gotta bring them down!!. Michigan is going to be just as bad with our corrupt Governor!. The President cannot do it alone vote straight ticket Republican in local State and Federal elections.. Absolutely . The only harvesting Ive seen is Republicans putting out their own drop boxes.. Can’t wait for your divisive negativity to be GONE!!! Buy an island and take your supporters with you!!

That’s why we will be voting in person. California government and our dictator Newsom are so corrupt they cannot he trusted. There should be safeguards in effect to protect all our votes but sadly there are not-. I would love Illinois to turn red!! So much of the state supports you!. You need to get Chicago on board and St Clair County (East St. Louis) on board. I will definitely be voting for you!. There should be accountability teams in place when these votes are counted. Just like when you are picked for jury duty. Your background should be checked etc.. This is why California is blue. No way are they winning fairly.. Illinois needs a federal audit. Most corrupt state in the country.. Didnt the GOP install their own illegal ballot boxes throughout california? I’m sure nobody was planning on screening those ballots against the registered republican list….. Hopefully Folks in California, Illinois and New York get out and vote.

Dnc cheated Bernie Sanders twice in primaries. The second time with unrequested mail in ballots. They were going to cheat and say little Mike won CA to stop Bernie from winning primary, but dnc changed their mind to Biden. After a month of counting” b… . I mean really what do these states have to loose by voting red. They are already such crap shoots. Do the right thing for your state. Vote Trump and for the Republican Party and see how fast your state will prosper! #trump2020. How does he have so many voters when only 30 cars show up to his event, and only 15 cars to his parade? The guy is a drive by.. Dems don’t need to cheat in the election because we have a huge majority and we’re on the right side of history. California is full of corrupt Democrats always has been always will be

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