She’s adorable. Thanks for rescuing & loving Charm. Reminds me of my ‘Annie’ (orphan Annie) whom I found the same way, but outside a grocery store. She was crying and no one was paying any attention to her. I scooped her up against my neck (sound f… See More. Very sweet I love those story’s same thing happened to my daughter boyfriend brought home a little kitten and had her for year after that ! Pause GIF. in Germany we call these triple colored cats Charming cats or Good luck cats.. Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper.they bring happiness to the house. She looks like my cat, Princess, who had kittens in our laundry room. She and her kittens are now part of our family.. And it’s a calico kitty too!!! They are great cats and spunky hehe!!! Both my cats just passed away and my now new kitty is a calico and her name is Annie!!!

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper front

The Dodo Special thanks to Charlotte Hailey of Mission Paws’ible for rescuing Delilah! To help Mission Paws’ible rescue more dogs, visit: thedo.do/missionpawsible. To keep up with Delilah, check her out on Instagram: thedo.do/lilahdelilah. MISSIONPAWSIBLE.ORG Support Us — Mission Pawsible Support Us — Mission Pawsible. So glad to hear these happy ending fur baby stories!!! We treat our 4 legged babies as family and it’s hard to watch how many stray dogs are left without anyone to feed and love them as we do!!! THANK YOU to all those who rescue these dogs and to the p… Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper. See More. These stories warm my heart. Thank you to those who rescued her and bless the one who adopted her. Enjoy your safe & happy life cutie.. Thank you to everyone who helps rescue and cares for and about all these poor babies. It is so very sad any innocent little living babies end up leaving to live like that!

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Have a disgustang christmas sweatshirt and jumper back

So sweet and yes you were meant to be there. Glad she was lucky and found a loving home Such a cutie. I love this. Five years ago I was celebrating my daughter’s first birthday and as I was making sure the hall was clean I heard a kitty meow she was stuck in some brush floating down the creek an I rescued her she was the most beautiful cat I ever seen… See More. Naming a calico cat Charm awesome..calico cats are known in the japanese culture to bring good luck.i have one.. I went through the same situation last month. I just came home from Target to get dry food for my two boys. This tiny kitten runs infront of my car almost hitting him. I get out to give him some food.ate the entire thing. Went back to my car for more f… See More. What a great story. My kitten followed me just like that, and she was fearless when I brought her home. You found a diamond in the ruff

That’s kind of how we got our cat. We were walking down a trail to a shallow river and he came out of the wooded area and started following us all over. He was very thin and had a weak meow so we brought him home. We’ve had him for a little over 2 mont… See More. We’ve had a little calico kitten for just over a week now. She was found in a parking structure and had some sores on her paws so I suspect she climbed up into someone’s car and that’s how she ended up there. She’s about 2-3 months old and is a total… See More. OMg, I got my Raven the same, kind of, leaving where my horses are stabled two years ago. Lol. But he came into house 3 dogs. I had the two heelers with me though when he bounced out of the bushes towards my car.

She’s so beautiful, what I imagine my Pops looked like as a baby but I didn’t get her until she was 18.. We found a kitten in the bushes at Kmart. Took him home and he was our family member for 18 years.. Luck is right!! Charm is a BEAUTIFUL cat!! Love the little half mustache right under her nose!! Hope ALL of you have a very long, loving and happy life together!!. This is the most darling little kitty I have ever seen. I would call her Sunshine.. This is so similar to my story with my Rosie! . Because that kitty chose her as mom…she knew she would love and care for her. sometimes they pick us instead. . Lovely story, I had a cat who my daughter rescued with his two siblings. They were so tiny we had to feed them with an eye dropper. We found homes for two and kept Liam. He lived to be 20 years old! Good Luck Charm and Cassie.

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