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Sky Sports . Get fcuked This day is about the millions of men and women who lost their lives fighting for us so we can have the life we have today !! … See More. Bored people focusing on a boring unsubstantiated topic. If there is a black man with a knee on his neck, I’m sure there has been another race of person with a knee on their neck too that just hasn’t had media coverage. I’m not blind to a man who died.… See More. It’s about time sky sports took black lives matter logo off everyChannel.. Ryan Smart Black history month ended 31st October. There was a full month of interviews, reminiscing and remembering. Can we please focus on Remembrance Sunday? We only get one day of it, please don’t detract from it.. Think it’s time to give this a rest now,. This is so boring,ALL history is important black and white. It is how we learn and develop that matters so we don’t repeat our mistakes.. And by the way,ALL LIVES MATTER.

Easily distracted by cats and drums poster

Easily distracted by cats and drums poster A1

Anyone can miss a penalty. Only idiots miss it like that. He’s finished. Will be stacking shelves at Tesco within 2 years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but considering he’s a PL footballer, it’s a fall from grace.. It’s a pathetic way of trying to look cool whilst taking a penalty…. pick a corner and stick your foot through it!. I know he’s young…BUT, for me, this sums up modern footballers. I suspect, before he ran up to the ball, he envisioned the retweets, the shares on Facebook and Instagram, of his ‘Audacious’ penalty, and everyone – fans and pundits alike – would be h… See More. Thanks mate I won £100 because of that penalty miss so not all bad . Who cares, another nail in the coffin for Fulham…… Ademola Lookman’s Panenka kick sucks more than The Young Bucks’ Superkick Party, The Lucha Bros’ kick and Kenny Omega’s V Trigger combined. They can score a better penalty than Lookman’s one.

Easily distracted by cats and drums poster

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Adebayo Abimbola Aladejobi
He’s an amazing player only against struggling teams! Let’s see how it goes against Big Teams, Bruno shines anywhere anytime!!… You don’t need a google map to locate where the pain is being felt right now….. The zoo…. Pls,it too early to hype him.. But,he deserved some credit base on his performance for the past three games for chelsea. Lately the blues has proved to be league contenders beyond any doubt the have a huge chance of winning at least two major titles provided they don’t dropped the ball. Great signing for the blues. I love the progress even though am not a blue… Not sure what they will accomplish with Lampard in charge but it can’t be denied that they have an amazing squad now. Possibly had the best transfer window in Europe?. Yes he has a fantastic left leg super player that’s why I wanted him at liverpool

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At the end of the day you should only attempt a panenka if your winning by more than a few goals so he got wot he deserved. Emeka Eric Adonis
Am honoured to be recognized as a Top Fan by Sky Sports. Thanks and may God bless you all.Amen.. Feel sorry for him. Tough lesson. Hope he comes back stronger. If I was his manager he would lose a weeks wages.
Unacceptable in that moment of a game for a team fighting relegation. That one point could easily be the difference between survival and relegation.. You have a pen in the 97th minute to tie a game you pick a spot and you lace it .. the highest level of football i have ever played is sunday league and i know that .. hes a prem footballer.. he should never take a penalty ever again.. I am still wondering just what the he** he was trying to do? I wasn’t sure if he was attempting to be Bruno, Pogba or what?! I just don’t understand…

He wanted to embarras the keeper in the end he embarrass himself. He is my hero, the penalty he missed saved my bet. The thing is, if it goes in ppl will talk about how great it was. if it misses he is slated and told how he needs to grow up. Mickey Coburn. Barry White
Good job Fulham are down already or it could of been worse. Now if anyone else misses a penalty via a Panenka it will be known as ‘Doing a Fulham’. As a Fulham fan I was gutted. But at then end of the day if was just a point. So many positives from us in the game and we are slowly improving. Scott Parker will handle it the right way and put his arm around the boy and there is no way he will tak… See More. Hugo Martins. The adverts were longer than the clip! Are you so desperate for money Sky?
Silly boy, that point lost could cost them at the end of the season.

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