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Rob OsborneI was really enjoying the season before all this happened. I’m a huge fan and will definitely be back to see more games. I cant wait3 . Mathias GarciaNeed to get a team in San Antonio. Highest attendance in the AAF every week. Football hungry state and city. Interstate rivalries with Houston and Dallas. Stadium ready to go. It’s meant to be. 6 . Tim HoppmannI’m not sure how this will work. If you couldn’t stay married, how are you going to make a business work? Best of luck. 16 . Jesse JonesListen it is awesome that you are venturing on this endeavor but why are your products not #Newera. I am a cap collector and I will not buy a cap that is not New Era. I want to promote your league but there is a need for brand affiliation. #DwayneTheR… See More2 . Jeff YounkerThe Houston roughnecks were awesome. Can’t wait to see them back at it.8  Card carot RBG Justice poster

Card carot RBG Justice poster

Card carot RBG Justice poster A1

I love that Rock seems to genuinely have a good sense of humor about the fanny pack thing. Him being able to embrace his past and poke fun at himself makes him relatable despite his epic levels of success.. Oh my gosh!!! How awesome! I always loved how much fun you poke at yourself for that. You have a great sense of humor. I’ve been following you since your early days in wrestling. Rocky Balboa!. Debbie Dunn Card carot RBG Justice poster many years ago my grandfather was a balloon handler in the Macy’s parade. He loved it and had wonderful stories about it! Congrats. Always so humble, even when looking back. It’s who we were to get to here. I love that you embrace and share it.. You probably don’t read the comments, but YES, you are an amazing inspiration. That first SNL hosting really did it. Your charm, talent, and screen presence was undeniable. So happy and proud of you! You’ve proven that sometimes the path to succes… See More

Card carot RBG Justice poster

Card carot RBG Justice poster A2Card carot RBG Justice poster A3

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