#ThankYouTaker from watching you a few times in USWA to your debut in WWF and and even meeting you as a kid in Worcester and then the transition to WWE. Truly just a good person, made time for fans and was a joy to meet. Thank you for years of entertai… See More. thank you very much undertaker thank you for introducing me to the fights without you I would not have liked them thanks for those years and that good fights in wrestlemania well in all the shows I love you very much and thank you for all an eternal fa… See More. Camping beer shuh duh fuh cup hoodie. I won’t lie I feel like a part of my life has disappeared and will never come back. However you deserve to rest, enjoy your kids, your wife, and everything you worked so hard for.. When this pandemic is over just come back to tombstone piledrive the virus to hell.

Camping beer shuh duh fuh cup hoodie and sweater

Camping beer shuh duh fuh cup sweater

Might not have been the one that you intended to be the last of the finest, but I’m glad it did. It’s a masterpiece, and ties together the phases of your career very well. Thanks for the memories, Taker. You’re the best .. Great Match…They could have use another UT laying in the grave when taking AJ to that grave and Spoke the hell out of him. Using several UT would have been Great for the Match. Enjoyed this one. Camping beer shuh duh fuh cup hoodie. Please include this match in the next WWE 2k Game where you play as the Undertaker and complete the challenges of the boneyard match. I’d like the gameplay to be somewhat similar to Batman Arkham Asylum with counters and strike moves, climbing, jumping… See More. Metallica my favorite band . And to The Undertaker he can hangup his boots coat gloves and and his hat . The greatest ever wrestler to have ever lived #ThankYouTaker

Camping beer shuh duh fuh cup hoodie and sweater

Camping beer shuh duh fuh cup zip hoodie

You Deserved To be Applauded Mr.Undertaker!!!!Thank You for making my Childhood Awesome Sir.Thank You for adding Spice to my Adventure in life,Because you didn’t know you make someone happy in some parts of the world everytime you’re in the ring..Salut… See More. Thank you Taker . Thank you so very much for the last 30 years. I have been a die hard fan from the start. The Undertaker will never be gone because he lives in the hearts of all of us Creatures of the Night. This character was by far the best the WWE ever came up wit… See More. 30 years… Absolutely amazing! Thank you for all the entertainment, joy and fun you brought us fans over the past 30 years.. My whole family including my parents loved watching you.Playing your role in the dusty streets of our ghettos was a priviledge.Thank you for raising us big guy you can never be matched.

Aj had it commein to him i just loved watching this bone yard match you dont disrespect the undertaker whit out paying the price. What’s the music the undertaker rides in on. So bad. What a very wrong match (including rival) for ‘Taker last match. . I will always remember you as the best fighter of my childhood, in history and in the world, thank you Undertaker for everything, for the joy received and the emotion emoción. Awesome match! The Undertaker out lasting a much younger AJ Styles in this highly contested match tells stories about the Underker’s wrestling career: RIP to all who think they will make a name for themselves at the expense of the Undertaker! Happy ret… See More. A great final Wreslemania match for Taker didn’t expect it to be that good loved he was in his Retro biker attire. Watching your final event I can’t help but drop a tear. It is both happy and sad I’ve seen you live over 10 times. I wish you nothing but great happiness, joy and peace. My dear gate keeper may you finally Rest In Peace

Thank you, Mark for all the great years, great stories & great matches!
Live to ride & ride to live!. Awesome match AJ Styles thought that he could win he was wrong about that. Last match and he beat aas at least AJ Styles know that the Deadman will never R.I.P. It was a great match but wouldve been better if it was a casket match or burried alive in an arena. Carlton Weathersby
AJ Styles maybe phenomenal but he ain’t no Phenom. AJ wasn’t ready for the King of the WWe the Undertaker. Nothing but the utmost respect for one of my childhood favs of the 90s the Undertaker. I’m gonna miss him so much. Thank you Taker for 3 decades … See More. As a professional wrestling match, this was a *disaster,* it should never of happen. As a story, it was…acceptable, barely.. For me, this was the best match of the year. I wasn’t a fan, when AJ was announced as the opponent, but this, this was perfect.

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