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An indispensable component in shooting technique is light. Artificial lighting not only enhances the sharpness of the scene, but also creates visual effects, especially in scenes where the emotions of the character need to be brought out. So how to use light properly, light intensity, color, direction, source quality is very essential in the technique and art of filming. In the movie Barry Lyndon (1975), director Stanley Kubrick made a breakthrough when he made some shots using only the light of the scene to create new color scenes. However, this is uncommon because it is difficult to create enough light for the shots using only the illuminated objects of the scene.

One of the most important elements of movie shooting is the cinematographer’s ability to control the camera. The cinematographer’s perspective is extremely important because it is the perspective of the audience in the future, so controlling the camera to express the emotions of the scene and characters to the greatest extent is a top task. of the cinematographer. To stabilize the frame, camcorders are often placed on quiet moving shelves to create smooth, uninterrupted movement. For scenes that require cinematographer to carry the camera directly, in the late 1970s inventor Garrett Brown invented a set of anti-shake devices attached directly to the cameraman called the Steadicam.

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