The handicapped goat and its energetic life have finally turned into witnesses to otherwise. After studying its skeleton, anatomist Everhard Slijper discovered the amazing traces of nature.
To be able to jump on his hind legs, the goat’s hip and leg bones had grown thickened, while the ankle bones were elongated. Its toes and hips also attach to joints at narrower angles, to hold the goat in an upright position.
Basically, the skeleton of this goat began to grow more like a jumping animal than goats running in the pasture. Since 1942, we know bones aren’t something immutable anymore. For centuries, scientists thought that the skeleton of all animals, including humans, was something completely fixed and immutable. How you born with a skeleton is determined by the genes inherited from the father and mother.
That skeleton grew over the years. But it is simply enlarged and then stopped at a final point where the two genes fuse into one, rather than evolve to adapt to external living conditions. If both your mom and dad are short, don’t expect that playing basketball or practicing the crossbar will help you get taller.

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