Horses for use in communication are different from horses for carriage transportation, even further from war horses. The ancients have clearly delineated the roles and responsibilities for the shepherds, the ministers of each type of horse, set the biomedical position to take care of and treat the horse’s disease, and help the horse at birth like veterinary horse specialist now.
The Yuan Mong army three times invaded our country and brought tens of thousands of war horses from the steppe of Mongolia, Yunnan, Kinh Bac, and Xinjiang. When the battle was defeated, some of these horses were captured, some were lost in the forest, becoming a wild horse hybrid with our country’s horses giving birth to a new species of precious horse.
Le Qui Don once wrote in Van Dai Moi Ngu: “Our country, Tuyen Quang province and Cao Bang are available many horses. Phu Yen Phu Yen and Quang Nam had more and more horses, hundreds, thousands, of herds like buffaloes and goats. Merchants and women also ride horses, use horses to pack their goods and sell them as well ”.

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