Normally, the computer will clear the virus immediately after her exorcism. Either way, maybe it’s a career secret.
The reporter asked her about one of the cases in which she “killed” a virus. After pondering for a while, Talley recounted the time she went to Marin County to have the device repaired. “First, I draw a large circle that I call earth, air, fire and water, then I summon the god Mercury, the messenger and the contact person. I go into a coma and feel everything. I feel, literally, the virus inside of me.
After that, she performed the ritual of expelling the evil forces. With the tool a black bowl of water and a magnet, she transmitted the virus from the computer into the water, and poured it into the toilet and flushed it off. The last step is purification. “I cast protection magic with chlorides, amethysts and black hypotenuse.”
No company dared to openly approach and ask her to interfere in the company’s machinery: they were afraid of outside proposals. No mistake, anyone who believes in science and technology asks a witch to kill viruses! They will send out confidential contacts. Talley prides herself that she has not encountered a case that has left her in her hands, or at least so far.

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