The weight of male deer from birth to 12 months old is higher than that of female deer. During the period from birth to 6 months, the weight gain of the male and female deer is generally faster because at this stage the baby deer enjoys a source of nutrients from breast milk. The average weight of newborn deer male is 5.84 kg. At 6-12 months old, deer weight increases more slowly. In captivity, average birth weight of deer reaches 5.84 kg, weight of 6 months old is 30 kg, weight of 12 months old is 41.25 kg.

Black deer are very shy and gentle, their hearing and smell are well developed, especially they are afraid of people, they are difficult to approach, they are friendly when seeing people from afar, though they have tried to avoid them although they may People have been cared for and raised for a long time. Black deer have developed hearing and smell to help them avoid danger if harmed by enemies. Deer usually live in groups, their swarm habit is high, when resting or chewing they often gather in separate species, they like to live in small groups of about three, usually a family. Males do not play a role in breeding, they only mate with a group of females during heat. In heat season, the male deer often eat a little, with a fierce personality, sometimes dangerous to humans.

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