Cows do not have to kill people to kill. Any animal weighing 700kg could do a lot of damage, so there were motorcyclists crossing the countryside, amazed with signs warning them about the cows from above. it was falling. This is no joke, in Switzerland, in just a few weeks, 28 cows have fallen from a cliff. A man in Brazil was killed by a cow that hit his car. And in India, drivers were startled when the retaining wall of an overpass collapsed and a rain of bulls fell on their heads. A male survived the fall and ran like crazy on a highway, then attacked a tractor.
It is always thought that the novel “Shark Jaw” is based on a real event that happened in July 1916. Over 12 days, five people were attacked by a shark on the coast of New Jersey. Four people were killed. And they call the event “shark summer.”
And it might be awkward to call the summer of 2009 “the summer of cows,” but for eight weeks, in the UK alone, the cows have caused the same number of casualties. (It was also the summer that the cows started jumping off the cliffs in Switzerland.)

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