Before diving into this anecdote, let’s take a biological look at black cats. Black cat, is an ordinary cat with black fur, according to biological classification, there are about 22 breeds of black fur including purebred breeds and hybrids. According to the Fanciers Fanciers Association of America, the predominantly black breed is a Bombay cat, especially with jet-black fur that is mainly seen in males rather than females. Besides the pure black fur, another notable feature of the Bombay breed is their eyes, bright yellow eye color that adds to the mystique of these cats. Because of their high content of melanin, they have such mysterious eye color.
The label of bad luck when you encounter a black cat crossing the street does not have any scientific arguments except for superstition that originated thousands of years ago. From ancient Egypt, one of the first human civilizations, people worship Bastet, a goddess whose head closely resembles a cat. Depending on neighboring civilizations, different names for this deity were named as Bast, B’sst, Baast, Pasht, Ubaste, Baset and Ailuros. Ancient Egypt. Thanks to their menu of rodents and pests, even snakes will help humans, now mainly farming, purebred cats are kept indoors and are considered a city. members of the royal family. Especially in landlords, cats are allowed to eat the same tray with their owners and be worn with gold jewelry. Killing a cat is considered one of the most serious crimes, with the death penalty, so many people are very reserved and become afraid of cats. Thanks to Bastet’s legacy, most of the royal cats after their death were mummified as members and preserved, as evidenced by recent archaeologists have found many remnants of ashes. Cat remains in a cemetery in Egypt.

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