Specialized sensors project signals into the brain when they detect sensory modalities. Light-sensitive neurons in the retina of the eye, vibration-sensitive neurons in the cochlea of the ear, along with the pressure-sensitive neurons in the skin are all specialized receptor cells of which each sensory system begins with. The axons of the sensory receptor.  At work in the interpretation of sensory stimuli are other perceptual phenomena such as perceptual constancy, a phenomenon which occurs in the perception of size, shape, color, and brightness; depth perception, another phenomenon based on binocular and monocular cues; and the perception of motion (Wood, 2008). One of the brain’s primary functions is to obtain biologically important information from the various sensory inputs. Hippie girl ho ho ho The brain of a human is provided with sufficient information about a variety of things such as light, sound, the atmosphere’s chemical composition, temperature, and things such as head orientation, limb position, the chemical composition of the bloodstream, among other things.

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What if I told you that my red was different from your red? The first thing you might wonder is how I could possibly know this or you may even want to see evidence to support my claim. However, experts have shown several different ways to convey that we do, in fact, perceive colors differently. Few things have been proven in distinguishing perception, but there are copious amounts of evidence suggesting that we perceive color differently because of our brains, past experiences, and our genetics.Hippie girl ho ho ho  Perception is the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses. In addition to the five senses, perception also includes proprioception, which allows people to detect the position of one’s body.…show more content… The brain starts to determine a color once the signal reaches the retina. The signal is then analyzed by nerve cells and compared by neighboring cones and they calculate whether the light is more blue-yellow or red-green. After that, the colors are divided into several pathways in the brain where they are processed and identified. Recent evidence has come to show that the processing systems in our brains are also perceptual systems, and that color is processed before motion. This means that you are able to identify the color of a movement, before the movement itself (webexhibits.org).

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For visual processing to grow and develop, you need to have several visual experiences during critical periods after birth. This makes it exceptionally difficult for people who are born blind who later have their vision restored to perform basic functions. In an experiment that was conducted with monkeys, it was suggested that color perceptions comes from some of the experiences we’ve had in the world. The scientists who conducted the experiment found male squirrel monkeys to be the best independent variable because they have a form of red-green color blindness, which is the most common form of color blindness in humans. Hippie girl ho ho ho  “The blindness primarily afflicts males because the genes encoding red and green receptors are located on the X-chromosome, of which men only have one. Women have two X-chromosomes, and a normal gene can often do. Short-term Memory Affects Color Perception in Context The purpose of the experiment was to study the effects of short-term memory on perceptual observations, determine whether there is actually an independence between color memory and surface color assessment, and to discuss the differences between perception and memory characteristics. Another goal of this study was to estimate surface reflectance of an object from a general measurement of incoming light signals and figure out how it affects memory with realistic scenes and tasks.

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